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KnockDown Rebuild Queensland

When you choose KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland, you’re choosing a service that can help you love where you live. As Australia’s number-one home builder, Metricon Homes can work with you to help you create your dream home at your dream address.

Build a brand-new home without sacrificing your location

If you’re like many homeowners, you wish you had a more spacious and luxurious home. The problem is, you don’t want to give up your prized location! KnockDown ReBuild by Metricon gives you the best of both worlds.

You can have a gorgeous, modern home with plenty of space for your family – without giving up the location you love. All you have to do is knock down your existing dwelling and replace it with your dream Metricon home.

Finally get the space you need for your growing family

Family outgrown your current home? Building brand-new means you can design your home to meet everyone’s needs. You can have multiple entertaining areas, spacious bedrooms and living areas for the kids, and a secluded parent’s retreat.

You start by choosing from over 150 leading-edge designs from our portfolio, then customise it to suit you from there. Whatever kind of lifestyle you and your family have, we have a spectacular home design to match.

Building a new home removes the renovation risk

Building a new home is a much safer option than renovating. Firstly, you avoid all the hidden problems waiting behind the walls. Plus, you know what your timeline, processes and budget are right from the beginning which gives you peace of mind.

Knocking down your existing home and building a new one gives you true freedom too. You can customise your design so it matches your lifestyle perfectly. Brand-new, with every luxury and convenience you could ever want.

Versatile designs for sloping blocks and difficult shapes

Have a block which is unusual in size, shape or slope? Our range of designs includes homes that may be suitable, and make the most of the features and space.

Maximise every inch of space from narrow blocks with tight access. Our clever designs and team of professionals are always up to the challenge.

How does Metricon’s KnockDown ReBuild process work?

You can get started by having a no-obligation consultation with one of our KnockDown ReBuild experts. We’ll walk you through everything and see if it’s the right option for you. After this, you choose a home design and begin personalising it.

Once you are happy with your home design, you’ll approve the paperwork and make your deposit. This will start the exciting journey of building your dream home with the Knockdown Rebuild specialists.

1. Claim your FREE consultation

One of our KDRB experts will complete a FREE site appraisal to determine if the home works on your block of land. Then a detailed quote can be prepared that reflects the level of finish you want in the home.

2. Foundation works and preliminary contracts

When you are ready to get started we will order the soil test, feature survey and service information. You also get a preliminary contract which includes itemised site costs and a detailed siting showing the intended positioning of your dream home on your block.

3. Choose, style and personalise your new home design

We’ll invite you to visit our incredible ‘Studio M’ selection centre where you can look through a vast range of colours, finishes and fixtures while working with a Metricon home decor consultant to ensure you get the best possible look.

4. Sign your contract, obtain permits and begin demolition

Once you are happy with all the details of your new home, simply sign your contract and Metricon will apply for a building permit for your project. If you need to demolish an existing property on your block, we can recommend professionals who we work with regularly to complete this for you.

5. Commence the building process

Our construction team will provide you with regular weekly updates on progress. You’re welcome to visit the site with our project manager to see for yourself the quality workmanship being done on your property.

Metricon’s Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Metricon has built thousands of homes for Australian’s since 1976. We understand that when you’re on your new build journey you want to feel secure and build with confidence. This is why we provide a lifetime structural guarantee on our homes. We have complete confidence in our completed homes, so you will too.

‘Starting from new’ is so simple with Metricon

We had heard of Metricon, but had never built a home before, and so didn’t know what to expect from a project home builder. We certainly didn’t know they could build as impressive a home as the Sentosa. Metricon’s expertise and willingness to work with us gave us huge confidence that we could achieve our building dreams. Manoj & Kshitija

Why choose Metricon for your KnockDown ReBuild project

Expert advice

Which of our home designs will make the most of your specific block of land and your budget.

Clear and concise planning

Structure your build and eliminate timeline and cost blowouts.

Full list of inclusions

Know exactly what features are included in your desired home design and what level of finish you can fit in your budget.

Lifetime Structural Guarantee

This means you can have the peace of mind for the entire time you live in the home.

Get in touch and start your KDRB journey with Metricon today

Claim your FREE, no obligation 30-minute “New home, same location” consultation. One of our friendly KnockDown ReBuild specialists will chat with you about your current land type, dream home goals, and budget.

KnockDown ReBuild Queensland

Why do a Knockdown Rebuild with Metricon?

At Metricon Homes, we want you to love where you live, and there’s no better way to do that than building your dream home at an address you love. Choosing KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland means getting all the benefits of a new home. When you build your dream home, you’re creating a house that is perfect for your family today, with a floor plan that has room for tomorrow. KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland allows you and your family to choose from our big range of contemporary home designs. Our designs are innovative and practical, and include the latest fittings and features perfect for your style. And building a new home on your block of land is a much safer option than renovating. With KnockDown ReBuild there are no hidden or unexpected costs, and you won’t discover any of those major surprises that can pop up during renovations. And when you choose Australia’s number-one home builder, your new home will have a Lifetime Structural Warranty, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing we’ll be there for you as long as your home is. Whether you’re a first-home buyer, or want to improve your block of land, there’s a lot of benefits of choosing KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland.

How to prepare for a Knockdown Rebuild?

There are a couple of easy first steps to understanding whether KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland is the right move for you and your family. The first one is making sure we build in your area. If you’re on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or Brisbane, that’s almost guaranteed. The next step is to contact us. Just as every block of land is different, no two KnockDown ReBuilds are the same. That’s where our 30-minute no-obligation consultation is important. Our specialists can talk you through the process and work through all the different options. We can also discuss your budget and, of course, answer any questions you have.

What’s the Knockdown Rebuild process?

Having a brand-new home at an address you love is a great feeling. Our KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland can deliver a hassle-free service to you and your family. Our specialists will work with you from the very start, and be there through the entire rebuild process which includes:

  • Choose a home design. Speak to our new home advisors, browse online, and visit a display home to see our designs first-hand.
  • Council approvals. We’ll review your block of land and your property goals, and we’ll talk to your local council about the best options.
  • Site assessment. We’ll survey your site, conduct soil tests, and assess your block of land.
  • Preliminary contract. This is where we run through all the costs.
  • Fixtures. Visit Studio M to choose your fixtures and fittings.
  • Lighting and power. We’ll work with you to get the lights that fit your style.
  • Final contract. Once your plans are approved, all the final plans and costs will be signed off.
  • Building permit. We’ll get all the final approvals from your local council.
  • Demolition. We can help you organise a demolition expert.
  • The build. We’ll make sure you are kept up to date throughout the entire building process.

Watch our KnockDown ReBuild videos to follow Liz Cantor’s KnockDown ReBuild journey, and see for yourself how smooth our building process is.

Will Metricon complete the demolition?

There are a lot of advantages when you choose to KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland. One of those is having access to a lot of expert consultants and external contractors and services. We don’t demolish your home, but we can put you in touch with a quality demolition company who can do the job for you.

What is the cost of a Knockdown Rebuild in Queensland?

The costs of a KnockDown ReBuild in Queensland can vary with each address and each block of land. If you’re thinking of doing a KnockDown ReBuild, then the best place to start finding out about costs is by speaking with our specialists. Financing a KnockDown ReBuild is the same as any other home build, so finding the best financing option for you is worth talking over with your financial advisors. We can give you a few financial ideas and saving tips, but it’s always worth speaking to those who know your goals and position first.

How long does a Knockdown Rebuild usually take?

Just like the costs, the time taken for each KnockDown ReBuild can be different. There are always a lot of variables around building a new home, and there can be extra ones for KnockDown ReBuild. Council approvals, demolition, and site access are three big ones. Once again, that’s information our specialists can work through with you.