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Building the Dream

A podcast by Metricon all about the process of building a new home.

Introducing: Building the Dream

Building the Dream is a podcast by Metricon all about the process of building a new home. Across eight episodes, we'll speak to the experts and explore all the steps in the home-building journey.

From first deciding to build new to finally getting the keys - by the end of this series you’ll know if building a new home is right for you.

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Episode 1: The benefits of building a new home

In today's episode, we're discussing all the reasons why you should build a brand new home. From customisation options to quality assurance, we'll cover why waiting that little bit longer for a new build is worth it. Plus, we'll find out what Metricon does to make the build process easier and hear a heart-warming story of a classic Aussie bloke finally scoring the house of his dreams.

To talk us through all things building new, we're joined by Luke Fryer and Drew Glascott. Luke Fryer is the Queensland General Manager at Metricon and has a real passion for helping people bring their dream homes to life. Drew Glascott is Metricon’s General Manager of Sales in Victoria, and with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, he’s here to get you started on your home-building journey.

Episode 2: Where to build your new home

In this episode, we're figuring out exactly where you should build your new home. There's a lot to consider at this stage of the process, from how you find the land, the importance of location, and if you can make use of your existing block. We'll be answering all of these important questions and more, to help you find the perfect piece of land.

To help us out, we spoke to two members of the knowledgeable team at Metricon, Dave Shorten and Phil Barrett. Dave Shorten is the State Sales Manager of Metricon in New South Wales and has a wealth of knowledge about how to pick the right block of land. Phil Barrett is the General Manager of Regional Housing for Metricon in Victoria. With over 40 years of experience, it's safe to say that Phil is a veteran of the home-building industry.

Episode 3: How to budget for your home build

How much does it cost to build a new home? In today's episode, we're answering the tricky questions about budgeting for your new build. We'll help you understand the costs related to a new build, how to prioritise inclusions in line with your budget, and how finance differs between building new and buying established.

To help us out, we're speaking with Richard Bryant and Tania Tonks, two budget gurus from Metricon. Richard Bryant is the General Manager of South Australia at Metricon and spearheaded Metricon’s expansion into the Adelaide market over ten years ago. Tania Tonks is the Regional Manager for Regional North at Metricon, and with over 25 years of experience and a number of her own home builds under her belt, she has the answers to all your big cost-related questions.

Episode 4: Choosing the right home and builder

In today's episode, things are starting to get exciting as we're figuring out exactly what home we want to build, and who’s going to build it. We'll talk through what your options are when it comes to choosing the right home design, from the floorplan to the façade. Plus, we’ll delve into what to look for when selecting a builder.

As always, we're joined by some home-building veterans who have the answers to all of our questions, Adrian Popple and Lisa Goodsall. Adrian Popple is the Design Director at Metricon, a talented creative who lives and breathes home design. Lisa Goodsall is the National Display Home and Studio M Manager for Metricon, an interior whizz who has been with Metricon since the company’s inception.

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