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Get the most out of your land

With DualOcc by Metricon, you’ll work alongside DualOcc development specialists to get the most out of your land. We’ll partner with you to understand your development objectives and find the best solution for your block – whether it’s two or more homes. Our team’s wealth of knowledge in this highly specialised area of home building means you’ll have a safe pair of hands helping you realise your goals.

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Partner with the professionals

We’re not just selling you a duplex – we’re teaming up to get the best result possible for your block.

Take the pressure off

You can relax while we take care of the hard work – permits, regulations and council requirements.

Customisable designs

Customise your floorplan to suit your objectives - we know what future buyers and tenants want.

Investment driven

You’ll benefit from the knowledge of our team, whose primary goal is maximising your return on investment.

Contact us for a site appraisal

If you’re interested to learn how you can maximise the potential of your block, get in touch with the DualOcc by Metricon team for a site appraisal.

Learn from customers who have done it all before

Watch our eight-part series – the DualOcc Diaries – to get a better understanding of the DualOcc process. Each episode follows real Metricon customers Shane and Bridget on their 3rd DualOcc by Metricon development.

Metricon’s Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Metricon has built thousands of homes for Australian’s since 1976. We understand that when you’re on your new build journey you want to feel secure and build with confidence. This is why we provide a lifetime structural guarantee on our homes. We have complete confidence in our completed homes, so you will too.

Have a question? Get in touch

Property development can be daunting – but we are here for you. If you have any questions about building a DualOcc home, enquire today, and we’ll get you in touch with a development specialist.

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Dual Occupancy Builder Melbourne

What is dual occupancy?

Dual occupancy homes in Melbourne are properties that have two or more homes on the one block of land. A dual occupancy home can be a side-by-side duplex home design with a shared wall, or they can be multiple different units on the one block. A dual occupancy design can be a great option if you’re looking to maximise your investment and try to get the most out of your land purchase. Metricon Homes has been working with Australian families to build their dream homes for more than 40 years. And our dual occupancy developments are the next stage in this evolution. Home designs range in size from 19 square metres up to 31, and offer modern floorplans, open spaces, and sophisticated features and fixtures.

What is a dual occupancy home?

When you choose a dual occupancy or duplex home with Metricon, we partner with you to provide everything you need to get the job done, from working out which of our contemporary designs can suit your block, through to the final lockup stage. It’s a partnership built on trust, experience and a team committed to helping you achieve your goals. At Metricon, we approach every build journey with detail and care, and with your goals firmly in mind. Our Development Consultants understand the value of dual occupancy homes in Melbourne, and the importance of helping you develop yours exactly the way you want it. When you choose DualOcc by Metricon, you’re getting more than just modern design and floorplans. You’re also benefitting from our:

  • Expertise. The specialists behind our Dual Occ by Metricon range are experienced in dual occupancy and duplex developments. As a market leader, our buying power can help you and your family.
  • Track record Metricon is one of the largest volume builders of dual occupancy homes in Melbourne. We’ve been doing it since 2006 and have more than 750 planning permits under our belt.
  • Our difference. We don’t just work alongside you to help you create the perfect custom design for your block, we go above and beyond. Our aim is to ensure your build journey is hassle-free.

How does dual occupancy work?

From your first visit with our Development Consultants to the time we hand you the keys, we make the dual occupancy design and construction process as simple as it can be. When you choose to build with Metricon, you’ll have access to our range of leading suppliers and internal specialists. All our Development Consultants are focussed on listening to what you want, and delivering. Metricon Consultants will guide with you through everything, from design, through the planning permit stage, and even after construction. Our process includes:

  • The assessment. Metricon consultants will look at your block of land and talk you through the suitable options possible under your council’s planning laws.
  • Preliminary contracts. These contracts will itemise each cost to help you fit your development within your budget before taking the next steps.
  • Planning permit. We will prepare the right documents and drawings and work with you and the council on any conditions or alterations.
  • Final contract. Adjust the contract to suit any planning conditions and get ready for the build.
  • Construction. You’ll receive updates every week from our home builders in Melbourne, and you’re free to visit at any time.

Take a look at the process in our Dual Occ Diaries video series or watch a recent customer story.

What is the difference between dual occupancy and duplex?

The main difference between a dual occupancy home and a duplex home is a shared wall. While both names are often interchanged, the technical difference is a duplex is two homes that share a wall. Dual occupancy homes are often defined as multiple freestanding homes on the one block of land. Both can be separate or shared titles, which adds to extra flexibility in your investment. And with Metricon’s contemporary designs, both dual occupancy and duplex properties are great value and functional for all kinds of renters and buyers. Duplex homes and dual occupancy homes can have different definitions in different states, so it’s important to understand what you can.

Answering these kinds of questions is where our specialists come into their own. Talk to us at the very start of your building journey and we’ll talk you through the options straight away, and which plans suit your land, your investment, and your property goals.

Is dual occupancy a good investment?

When it comes to price, dual occupancy is not a one-size fits all solution. Each block of land is unique, council planning laws can differ from area to area, and the costs of delivering services can vary. But overall, dual occupancy homes can be a smart investment if done right. And Metricon’s experience can help put you on that track. As property and rental prices rise, dual occupancy homes can be attractive to families and tenants. And being a new build means you may be able to charge a higher rent than other properties in the neighbourhood. The potential of multiple rents on the same property can also be attractive to those looking to invest. Dual occupancy developments are not the only Metricon home design that can work out well for investors. We have a range of other options in Melbourne, including:

  • Invest by Metricon. Fixed price house and land packages that are rent-ready.
  • House and land packages. We work with leading developers across Melbourne to deliver affordable and innovative homes in leading sought-after estates.
  • KnockDown ReBuild. Love the address but not the home? This may be the perfect option for you.

Find out more about all our latest offers across Melbourne here.