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Why build new? The benefits of new home design

Let's face it – everyone loves something new and shiny, and a new home is no different. When buying a new home, most Aussies head to the web to browse established property – but we think new build homes should be at the top of your list of options.

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As Australia's number one home builder, we're sure to have a new home design that ticks all your boxes. We have new house plans for various blocks, whether you have a narrow lot width or need a split-level design. Take a virtual tour of your dream home and check out the living spaces and home size from the comfort of your couch.

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Advantages of new home designs

New home design has come a long way in recent years, and we think the pros outweigh the cons, making it a smarter option than buying established. Let’s check out the main advantages of building a new home.

Get exactly what you want

When you build a new home, you get to pick everything – from the floorplan right down to the minor details like fixtures and fittings. You don't have to settle for a kitchen that's too small, a master bedroom with no ensuite or a home with nowhere to entertain.

Established homes are set in stone – unless you want to tackle the headache of renovating. When you opt for a new build home, you can build every space you need to achieve your ideal lifestyle. Depending on your house size, you can also futureproof your abode by adding spare rooms including bedrooms, an office, a theatre room or whatever else you need.

Everything is brand new

There's no need to worry about what's behind the walls or underneath the carpet – new build homes - when built by a quality builder - don't typically have any nasty surprises lurking in the shadows. Opting for a new home design will result in less stress down the line as newer fixtures, fittings, and appliances are less like to cause you headaches. In an established home, you never fully know what the old owners have fixed, or more often haven’t!

Compared to an established home, new homes typically need much less maintenance. If you don't want to spend your first six months painting, polishing, scrubbing and fixing features within your home, then a new home might be the better option for you.

Metricon’s Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Metricon has built thousands of homes for Australian’s since 1976. We understand that when you’re on your new build journey you want to feel secure and build with confidence. This is why we provide a lifetime structural guarantee on our homes. We have complete confidence in our completed homes, so you will too.

Modern floorplans

Home design has come a long way, even in just the last ten years. Open plan living, which combines the kitchen, dining room and living area in one, is the norm, and for a good reason. However, many established homes have these spaces segmented, so there's no clear flow in the floorplan.

Similarly, suppose you're a first home buyer. In that case, your new house may be set up differently to cater for your growing family vs. a downsizer who might opt for a single storey home with less space. If you live in Melbourne, you might opt for a fireplace compared to Brisbane, where you'll seek out an alfresco area. These subtle house design nuances are essential to consider when building a new home - and weren't necessarily top of mind in the past.

Energy-efficient designs

New home designs are generally more energy-efficient than established homes, thanks to modern materials, practices, and systems. If you're worried about high power bills in your next home, the newer the home, the less you should potentially pay to your provider. Cold, draughty homes with thin glass windows and poor insulation are a thing of the past and a concern if you're buying established.

Find a display home near you

Find a display home near you to check out Metricon's quality home designs in person. Seeing our single-storey and double-storey homes in person makes it easier to visualise your dream home. You can enquire in person about which homes fit within your price range.

Home and land packages

Home and land packages take the stress out of building your new home. All the hard work has been taken care of – we have secured your land and picked out the perfect home for the block. We work closely with leading land developers in VIC, QLD, NSW and SA to ensure you get the best location in the best estates.

Our sales representative gave us a realistic price from the start with the selections we had in mind. We trusted the process from start to finish, which made the whole experience fun and easy. Vinh Nguyen

What are the benefits of building a new home?

Building a new home gives you a range of extra benefits that can make a big difference to your family and your budget. The most significant advantage is in the home's design. Modern floorplans give you space when you want it and privacy when you need it. They're built to make the most of space and flow. And modern home designs also include the latest in energy efficiency, which is excellent for the environment and your budget. Homeowners also love building a new home because it gives them the chance to have the inclusions they want. Unlike older homes, you get to choose everything from the countertops to the driveway material.

Is building a new home worth it?

Owning a home built for your family instead of someone else's is always worth it. Between the pleasure of creating a piece of real estate you'll love forever and the financial savings you could make, there's a lot to love.

Building vs. Buying a new house

Building your own home certainly has its advantages over buying. House and land packages can give you home loan interest rate benefits that can make a big difference when you need them most. When you build your dream home, you're creating a perfect home for your family now, and you're making sure it will be big enough for whatever the future brings. And when you build a new home with Metricon, you get the benefits of a builders' warranty and our Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

Does building a new house save money?

When it comes to the financial side of things, building your dream home can have a range of benefits. The first is stamp duty. When you choose a house and land package, you only pay stamp duty on the block of land, not the home. That's a saving straight away. And building a brand-new home allows you to access a construction loan instead of a regular home loan. With a construction loan, you only pay the builders specific amounts at agreed stages during construction. And the bank only charges interest on the amount you have paid out. That can save on interest while your home is built. Government incentives such as the First Home Owners Grant can sometimes favour new builds over existing properties, another financial benefit.

While we've tried to be as helpful as possible, this article should not be taken as professional financial advice. It contains general information only, and you should seek out independent, professional advice before making any financial decisions.