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Saving for a new home

Metricon knows everyone’s financial situation is different.

We also understand that the cost of building a home can feel overwhelming, especially when you consider construction, fixtures, fittings, labour and permits. If you’re struggling to keep money in your savings account, we’ve come up with a handful of tips which should help you achieve your savings goal sooner. Follow as many as you can, and you’ll be in your new home in no time.

Find the best account

It’s worthwhile reviewing where you’re keeping your hard-earned money. Some saving accounts are better than others – whether it’s better interest rates or fewer fees. Shopping around for the best account can make a significant impact on when you hit your goal.

Go through your statements

Review your spending at the end of one month. Comb through your bank statement and find where you’re spending a lot of money. You might be shocked to see how much you spend on groceries, fuel or even coffee. Be honest with yourself about what you can alter to save cash.

Become a bargain hunter

Whether you’re snapping up deals online, buying your groceries from Aldi or Costco rather than Coles or Woolies, or opting for second-hand goods, you’ll soon see a difference in your bank account. It only takes a little bit of research to find the best prices.

Put the pressure on your utilities

The bills for the basics – water, gas and electricity – can be a big hurdle keeping you from your savings goals. Utilities suppliers are highly competitive. A simple phone call to your supplier could result in a better deal – especially if you mention moving to a competitor.

Come up with a plan

A simple savings plan could help you achieve your goals quicker. Rather than transferring money into your savings account when you have it, determine how much you can afford to put away, and set up an automatic transfer on the same day you get paid.