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Everything you need to know about Knockdown Rebuild


You live in your dream suburb, but you've outgrown your home. You're thinking about finding something new in the area, but there's nothing you like within your budget. What do you do?

There's an option you may not have thought of yet, but it could be the right solution for you.

We call it Knockdown Rebuild (KDRB), though you may hear it referred to as 'knockdown new build' or KDR. It's the process of demolishing your home to build a new one on the same block of land, and it's becoming a more popular option as Australians start to realise the benefits of starting fresh, rather than renovating or buying something already built and on the market.

The search is over

Rebuilding means that you don't have to search so hard to find what you want. Rather than going from auction to auction looking for an established home that ticks all your boxes, you can build a new home that meets (and most likely exceeds) all of your expectations.

When you build something brand new, you can prioritise the features that mean the most to you, rather than having to compromise based on what's on the market. If you can dream it, you can do it, so say hello to that open-plan layout you've been dreaming of, or a chef-approved kitchen, more advanced energy efficiency options, or the spacious bedrooms your growing family so desperately needs.

Good neighbours are hard to come by

One of the reasons homeowners are drawn to KDRB is because they don't need to leave the suburb that they've grown to love. Most of the time, if you already own the land, demolishing your home and building a brand new one is much cheaper than relocating. It's the price of the land itself that makes buying a new home so expensive, which is why you often see 'fixer-uppers' sell for millions of dollars in inner-city suburbs before stamp duty adds another hefty fee.

With KDRB, you don't have to say goodbye to the local café, your favourite bakery, nearby family and friends, the quick daily commute or hard-to-acquire school zones.

No unwanted surprises

Compared with renovation expenses, or the cost of buying an established property, knocking down your home and rebuilding can be an affordable option. The main costs to consider are the removal or demolition of your existing home, the price of your new Metricon home, plus rental prices for the duration of your project.

While you can attempt to renovate your current home, it's much harder to budget and to stick to it. When you build, you know all upfront costs involved from the start of the process, with no hidden fees along the way. Renovating is known to uncover some unwelcome surprises along the way. Whether it be asbestos, faulty plumbing or electrical, poor foundations or other undesirables, these will only add to the time and money that it takes to complete your renovation.

The Knockdown Rebuild process

All of Metricon's home designs can be selected when opting for KDRB. Here's a basic overview of what the process will look like for you, and what our specialist team will support you with:

Select your home design
It starts with the fun part – choosing your dream home! You can make a shortlist by browsing through our home designs and checking out photos and 3D Virtual Tours. Next, head out to our display centres where New Home Advisors will help with any questions you have about the designs and possible floor plan configurations.

Get the details right
After choosing your dream home design, we'll review your title, local planning laws, overlays and the existing physical conditions of the block to ensure the proposal has the best possible chance of being approved. We'll talk to your local council, so you don't have to.

Surveys and testing
We'll then run soil tests and site surveys to finalise the site assessment, and chart possible 'limitations'. Examples of what we would consider limitations are things like the slope of your land or access to services.

Preliminary contract and planning
Once we run through the findings together and you're happy to proceed, we will organise your preliminary contract. Here, we present your home plans and itemised costs with all the upgrades and changes you have discussed with your New Home Advisor including your site costs.

Realising your vision
You'll head into Metricon's Studio M, our design and selection studio, where our design consultants will help you choose colours, finishes and fixtures for your home from the extensive customisation options available.

Lighting and power
We'll organise for an electrical consultant to meet with you to discuss your home's lighting, power points and electrical layout.

Final contract signing
Once your plans are approved, we can establish the final costs of your home. With that complete, you can sign the building contract!

Building permit
We're almost ready to go! We will apply for your building permit to start construction of your home.

Metricon do not demolish your home. However, we are happy to recommend a reputable demolition company so that you can arrange for the demolition of your old home.

Your new dream home
All that's left for you to do now is sit back and watch your dream home appear from the ground up! From here, your site manager will supervise the construction process and keep you updated at each of the five stages.

One of the best ways to learn more about the KDRB process is to hear about it from our customers. You can read about John and Melissa's mission to accommodate their growing family, and Candice and Jeremy, who knocked down an old property to build their dream Hamptons home.

If you're in VIC, NSW, QLD or SA and want out with the old and in with the new, contact us for a free site inspection here. You'll receive specialist advice and obtain an initial estimate for your project. We'll be with you every step of the way.