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Lift happily ever after: How to create the perfect home gym


We’ve all heard summer bodies are made in winter. But if you’re not game enough to brave the cold and hit the Stairmaster at your local gym this chilly season, a home gym set up may be the secret fitness weapon you’ve been searching for.

Don’t let your pricey gym membership burn a hole in your pocket – we’re here to show you how to create a pumping home gym without blowing the budget.

Get in the zone

You know what they say, you’ve got a door - you’ve got a gym! While we’re not suggesting that you sacrifice your beloved theatre room to make way for your own personal F45 studio, it is essential to dedicate enough floor space in your new abode for some low-cost equipment.

A home gym doesn’t need to be an entire room of your home, you may just need to get a little creative. Got space in your garage or spare bedroom that’s home to the junk you’ve been meaning to sort through for years? Perhaps you’ve got a generous living room that has the perfect spot for a yoga mat? Or if you’re really battling for space, invest in an under-desk treadmill to ensure you’re hitting those 10K steps. Finding the right area is the hardest part. Once you’ve checked that off the list, you’ll be ready to get that blood pumping and endorphins flowing. Hot girl (or guy) summer…here we come.

Keep your squats low and your aesthetic high

We’re all about keeping things au naturel. Natural lighting is a great mood enhancer, so setting up your vibey new workout space near windows or skylights is essential. If the natural light in your home doesn’t quite cut it, add an ambient glow by introducing some modern floor or table lamps or LED projectors (this sunset light from Kmart will transform your space into a tranquil oasis).

A splash of greenery also adds a refreshing boost to any interior. Not only do plants help to improve air quality (a win when you’re smashing out those burpees), but they can also reduce your stress levels. If you're looking for a little plantspiration, here are 15 on-trend - not to mention low maintenance - flora accessories for your humble home gym.

Another way to up the ante of your DIY gym aesthetic is a fresh splash of paint. Did you know that painting the walls of your new home gym burns at least 167 calories per 30 minutes? Skip traditional whites or creams and opt for a pop of colour. Crisp greens and calming blues will add a little *zen* and work wonders for your mood in a home gym.

Jab, cross, hook + box it up

If you’re looking to create an enviable home workout space that you’ll want to get physical in, organisation is key. Invest in chic, affordable hooks - not the Ronda Rousey kind – to store skipping ropes and exercise bands neatly. It’s also handy to stock up on storage boxes or a cabinet so that when you throw in the towel for the day, your weights have a place to call home too. IKEA has some great, low-cost options that look stylish, and won’t break the bank.

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