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Treat yourself: how to make home your happiest place


One of the weird silver linings about rolling lockdowns, or not being able to travel overseas, is that for a lot of us who have been lucky enough to hold onto work, the savings have piled up. In the absence of globe-trotting getaways, it makes sense to divert some of those funds into making our homes a fortress of fun so we can make the most of our favourite hobbies.

Here are five home-related ideas to help you pursue your passions.

Are you a budding cook?

Many of us have been eating our feelings of late, and that’s totally ok. Whatever gets us through, seriously. But if you find yourself trawling endless YouTube cooking tutorials, bingeing The Great British Bake Off, and constantly consulting Nigella the domestic goddess oracle, we reckon you deserve a kitchen upgrade. Indulge in a fantastic set up so that you can whip up feasts with ease. A well-organised butler’s pantry is the dream, so you'll never be stuck hunting for ingredients again. It also lets you hide kitchen mess and appliances out of sight. Perhaps you could splash out on beautiful marble benchtops, new cabinetry and shelving, or a swish tiled splashback makeover. Or maybe you need to double down on a double oven to maximise your baking potential.

You can get more tips on where to splurge here.

Are you a movie lover?

We haven’t been able to head to the cinema all that often of late, but luckily for us, we’re absolutely spoiled for blockbusters we can stream at home these days. But it's not quite the same, watching our favourite films on a small screen, is it? That's why it could be worth investing in a dedicated theatre room that maximises the sound and vision aspects of a movie. Having a dedicated space helps capture some of the excitement of an actual night out. And while there might be some outlay on equipment, blinds and furniture upfront, you'll save a fortune on snacks and drinks by catering for yourself. Even better, you can pause for a break whenever you like and never miss a plot point.

Check out our advice for achieving the best theatre room set-up here.

Are you all about our furry friends?

We know from survey results that the majority of our customers have pets at home. That's been one of the major bonuses about being stuck indoors more. We've loved getting to hang out with them. It's really been a boost for our mental health, taking time out for walks, furry hugs with our cat and dog buddies, or just zoning out watching the fish float merrily along. In fact, many Australians have turned to pet adoption services to grow their families, with single folks benefitting hugely from the company. Whether you're a new owner or a long time animal devotee, now might be the perfect time to look at options to make your home more pet friendly.

Here are a few ideas for how to welcome animals into your home.

Are you handy and crafty?

Hobbies have enjoyed a golden age during lockdown, with lots of people exploring new ways to entertain themselves creatively. Have you indulged in long-held daydreams about taking up sewing/painting/pottery (the list goes on)? Or maybe you've been tinkering on the tools, building gadgets and repairing bikes? It's been fun to see all the creative projects people have shared online, complete with how-to guides to get more of us hooked in. And as we mentioned earlier, YouTube is now an unrivalled repository of do-it-yourself ideas. Think of a new skill you want to learn, type it in and you'll be teaching yourself via a how-to video in no time. It might be worth considering making some room by moving one car out of the double garage and creating a workshop space, or reworking your spare room or study into an art and craft haven.

Are you a workaholic?

If productivity levels while working remotely were ever up for debate, we now know for sure that most folks work just as hard, if not more so, from the comfort of their own home. Even while home-schooling, on occasion. If that sounds a lot like you, it might be worth investing in your home office, rather than constantly commandeering the dining table. You can even utilise the smallest nook of your home to create a dedicated study space. Anywhere away from the main drag works wonders for your focus. Our best advice is not to scrimp on office furniture. An ergonomic set-up will save on physio fees in the long run, trust us.

Get some inspiration for your home office here.

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