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Learn how Vastu Shastra can increase the positive energy in your home


Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science designed to bring positive energy into your home and promote wealth and prosperity. Not unlike Feng Shui, the Vastu Shastra is a system of architecture that focuses on the connection between humans, and the homes in which they inhabit. Vastu Shastra describes the principles of layout, measurement, design and space arrangement. From your front door to your outdoor room, each area has guidelines to increase enhance the flow of energy, known as ‘Prana’ in your home.

Modern home design now uses these concepts to guide rather than dictate their home and building designs, through the adaptation of the traditional square-grid mandala. There are a few elements to Vastu which Metricon can accommodate. In respecting the traditions of many different cultures, we learn more about home design and it helps our floorplans to stay unique and above the competition.

Why is it important?

According to Vastu Shastra, the universe is composed with the same five elements, fire, water, earth, air and space. Vastu Shastra focuses on maintaining balance between these five elements which in turn encourages positive energy. Following Vastu principles when building a home is said to help eliminate the negative energy and promote the flow of positive energy within your new abode. With increased positive energy in your life, Vastu suggests that you may see improvements in your finances, success, relationships and health.

So, to help your humble home radiate positive energy, we have complied a list of important Vastu Shastra ideas to follow when designing or decorating during your build journey.

1. Embrace greenery

Plants give out great energy and will help to increase the positive vibrations in your home. They will also assist in detoxifying your environment, so it’s important to choose the right plants, and have them strategically placed to encourage the flow of Prana. Vastu approved plants include rubber plants, bamboo, jasmine, peonies, orchids and money plants. Avoid cactus, bonsai and other thorny plants as they can bring disharmony into the home.

2. Keep your home clutter-free

Clutter has a crucial impact on the Prana in your space. It creates stagnant energy and can reduce productivity and quality of life. When you have clutter on your floors, benchtops or bed, it can disrupt the flow of energy in your room and create an unbalanced environment.

3. Be colour conscious

Different spaces in your home are suited to different colour palettes according to Vastu guidelines. The colours suggested for each room are also affected by the location in which the rooms are situated. For example, if you are looking at your home floorplan, south-west rooms should contain shades of browns and peach. The kitchen should be in the south-east, so oranges and reds work best. Vastu suggest avoiding dark shades as they can disturb the energy of your house.

4. Consider a Pooja room

Study rooms, reading nooks and spare bedrooms make a great Pooja

Traditionally, the Pooja room is a place to pray; however, in modern homes, it can also be used to meditate. This room is best suited for the north-east corner of your home and will attract the harmonious energy that flows throughout.

5. Keep the bedroom light and flowy

Allowing plenty of natural light and air into your master bedroom is important within the principles of Vastu Shastra. When designing home, aim to have as much natural light flow into your home as possible. Having proper ventilation and natural light will bring positivity energy into the space, so once you’re living in your home be sure to open shutters, blinds or curtains, as well as open windows and back doors to encourage air flow.

These general concepts are good starting points for trialling Vastu. However, if you are looking to improve a specific aspect of your life, here are some quick tips you can try out at home.

If you want to…

…improve your finances

  • Keep the north-east section of your home clean and free from clutter and obstruction
  • Large entrances promote more wealth to flow into your home
  • Keep your finances in the south-west section of your home
  • Fix any leaking taps – leaking faucets represent a loss of money
  • Ensure that air can move freely through your home for better cash flow

…improve your success

  • The best direction to improve your success is north
  • Position your bed so that your head faces south, and feet face north
  • Allow natural light from the north and east - morning sun generates positive energy
  • Anyone in a home office should face north while working
  • Your study room should not be underneath a beam or a bathroom

…improve your relationships

  • Place pictures of your happy family in the north-east section of your home
  • The bedroom should be square or rectangle shaped
  • The master bedroom should be in the south-west section of the home
  • The bedroom should allow for plenty of natural light to come in
  • Your prayer room or meditation room should never be in the bedroom

…improve your health

  • Your kitchen should sit in the south-east of your home
  • Decorate the north-east section of your home in green
  • Avoid building a kitchen next to a bathroom – try to have them as far apart as possible
  • The centre of your home should be left empty for free flow of energy in any direction
  • Build a fireplace in the south-east or north-west section of your home

Vastu Shastra has plenty of principles, each with the intention to help bring more positive energy and harmony into your home. Metricon is happy to help wherever possible to assist you with adopting Vastu Shastra principles in your home. If you are interested in designing a home using Vastu principles, call 1300 786 773 or enquire online today.