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Fireplace ideas to awaken your inner interior designer


Winter is coming. As the temperature around Australia drops lower and lower, you start to rely on your home's heating system more and more. There are plenty of options to stay warm – split systems, oil heaters, ducted flooring – but none bring the feeling of luxury to a home like a fireplace. There is something inherently cosy about curling up by the fire at the end of a day with a book, a glass of wine and the sound of rain hitting the garden beds outside.

When you're looking to build a new home or to give your existing place a makeover, we think that a fireplace should be at the top of your list of inclusions. You don't have to bring out your inner caveman or cavewoman either – gas fireplaces make having a real fire in your home more accessible than ever.

Selecting the right unit that suits your space and meets your lifestyle needs is essential if you want to enjoy your fireplace for years to come. Various fireplace ideas will have different requirements at the drafting stage, so let's go plan out your perfect fire now. BYO toasted marshmallows.

Where to install your fireplace

If you love the sound of a fireplace where you can sneak off and enjoy some alone time, put yours in a quiet space away from the main family room. That way, you can create a space that just for you, which everyone needs in their home. Isolated from the chit-chat of your family, you'll be able to recharge your batteries by the fire, so you're ready for the next challenge that comes your way.

Otherwise, if you want the whole family to enjoy the fire, put it in the family room or dining room. This is where your family will hang out together or where you'll be entertaining guests. Fireplaces make an excellent focal point, and you can style your room around the fire by choosing a complimentary coffee table and decorating the mantel with fireplace decor.

If you can't decide, how's this for an excellent compromise. You can install a double-sided fireplace, which gives the flexibility to use the unit from two rooms. This is perfect for parents and children who like to own their own space.

Matching your fireplace to your theme

When you pick a fireplace, be sure to consider the styling in your home. If you opt for a more classically designed home, you'll want something built with a beautiful wood mantel, and classic fireplace surrounds. You can decorate your fireplace mantel with old-world trinkets and hang art on the wall above.

Likewise, if you've picked a contemporary home, try to find a modern fireplace with trendy panelling or natural stone. These are likely to be built-in to the wall, but you can still have a mantel installed to display art, photo frames, and other items.

When you do your research, make sure you investigate the following designs:

  • stone fireplace
  • tile fireplace
  • brick fireplace
  • farmhouse fireplace
  • marble fireplace
  • wooden fireplace

End your Google Image search with the words 'interior design' to gain a better understanding of how each will look.

Customising the look and feel of your fireplace

When you pick out a gas fireplace for your home, there are a handful of elements you can customise.
Despite gas heaters not needing wood, you can choose a model that features faux wood on display, so it looks like a traditional fireplace. If you don't like that look, opt for stones or crushed glass for a more modern look and feel.

The material of the surround can also be selected to suit your theme. For a more modern vibe, check out stainless steel surrounds. If you have used stainless steel in your home, such as staircase balustrades, it is an easy way to carry through the same material in other areas.

Finally, your fireplace should be proportionate to your room, and you must pick the right size and shape. While you can still opt for a traditional square-shaped fireplace, the rectangle look is in. If you want to make your fireplace the focal point of your room, consider a large, 'widescreen' unit, with an even larger surround to really impress!

Determining your heating space

Obviously, we all want our fireplaces to look great - that's why we've started with so many decorating ideas. However, don't forget that you're also planning for functionality. Each unit will have a specific area, in which heat is emitted. Any professional will know how many square metres each model will heat. This will allow you to determine if your fireplace will be the dominant heater or positioned mainly for aesthetic purposes. Make sure you factor in door openings, high ceilings and nooks, as any open space allows heat to escape. If your room is not enclosed, you may want to look at a unit that will heat a larger area.

Convenience with the press of a button

When you're picking out your new fireplace, look for anything that has remote functionality or smart home integration. Getting up and down to adjust the heat can be a pain – but thanks to the boom in smart home technology, you can control the temperature of your home from your phone. If smart homes aren't your thing, plenty of fireplaces have a remote control so you can adjust everything you need from the couch. After a hard day at work, you deserve to sit down!

Build the ultimate outdoor space

We love to feature outdoor rooms in our home designs. Having a BBQ with friends and family is one of the great Australian traditions, and we want you to be comfortable while you're out there cooking, chatting and relaxing. Don't let the cooler weather prevent you from getting outside – install a fireplace to warm up your space and make it a great place to host guests. Not only will they allow you to spend more time outdoors, but they look great too. Outdoor fireplaces are an excellent option for a traditional wood burning fireplace too, as it’s easier to clean up the mess.

Professional help

A fireplace is a big investment, so we know that it is essential to select the right unit to suit your lifestyle. There's plenty to consider when you're building a new home, and it's completely understandable if you need assistance picking out the features, fixtures and finishes. Metricon's experts will guide you with inspirational fireplace ideas to bring your home to life. To view the very latest in fireplace designs, book a time to tour Metricon's Studio M selection centre. At Studio M, our home design expert will help to pick out the perfect fireplace for your new home.

Looking for further inspiration from the comfort of your very own home? Explore Metricon's Lookbook or Gallery.