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Bye bye nursery, hello big kid bedroom


You spent months agonising over the perfect styling for your new baby. The perfect placement of furniture, colours, soft furnishings and toys - and the baby had nothing to say about it! However, now that baby has grown, it’s time to create the ultimate big kid zone. But be warned, your child will most likely have something to say about it this time!

Creating a new look for your child’s bedroom can be used as a reward for achieving a particular milestone or age, or can simply be done when your fancy takes it. Regardless of how often you want to tackle a bedroom makeover, kids’ bedroom styling is a fun and creative project to do with your child (it also works wonders as an excuse for a clean out!).

Key considerations for a smooth transition from nursery to ultimate big kid zone

If you are not keen on making regular large-scale changes to your child’s bedroom, try to get longevity out of the overall look with a few key considerations:

  • Choose a neutral coloured chest of drawers, bedside table(s) and ‘big kids’ bed (white, black or natural timber).
  • Choose white for the walls and simple light fittings.
  • Keep window coverings as neutral and simple as possible.
  • Introduce colour and ‘themes’ through the use of bed linen, artwork, wall decals and display shelves for toys.
  • Choose good quality furniture that is well built and can withstand above average wear and tear, so it lasts beyond the toddler years. The Snooze Vibe single bed is a great example, with its sturdy metal frame and solid timber slats. If you have two little kids, the Snooze Charlie bunk offers durability, style and practicality.
  • Steer clear of overwhelming themes where every surface and object is covered in a particular character or print. Whilst your child may be obsessed with Dora or Thomas now, they will outgrow this very quickly!

Get your child involved

As with any project, getting your child involved in their big kid's bedroom makeover will ensure they are more comfortable with the changes. It will also help to give them a sense of ownership and belonging, which in turn hopefully generates pride in how it is maintained. It follows that they will enjoy being in their space if they have had a part in creating it.

Ask your child what their favourite colour or animal or toy is at the moment, then make linen and print selections based on these. Your child might also like to create their own artwork to go on the walls.

Fun but functional

Kids accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ in a short space of time, so styling a beautiful and fun but functional space is super important. If space is an issue, consider how your child’s bed can play a part in storage.

Snooze has a clever bunk bed that also has storage space and a built-in desk, called the Bilby. An alternative is the Calypso, which includes an overhead tower and bookcase option. Make sure there are plenty of tubs, drawers and cupboards to pack all their goodies into at the end of the day so that the space can be a calm resting zone by night.

Kids bedroom styling is lots of fun but can also get out of hand! Kids change their mind – often – so try not to go over the top with one theme or another. Remember to keep it simple and functional but have some fun with it. They’re only little for such a short time!

Check out the video below as our Snooze and Metricon style teams talk you through how to create a 'kids' bedroom wonderland.

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