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2020 Bathroom Trends Part 1: Looks you can achieve on any budget

Chris Carroll

Bathrooms are becoming an immersive experience; far more than a functional space for cleaning and preening. If you want to get ahead of the curve and find out what exciting changes are coming to bathrooms in 2020 and beyond, you’re in luck.

Fresh from a bathroom trends Masterclass held at Metricon Homes’ Mount Waverley theatrette, I have all the bathroom design news straight from the experts: Metricon’s Design Manager Ricky D’Alesio and Reece’s Bathroom Brand Manager Kelly Huglin.


When it comes to creating a zone that looks phenomenal and bodes well for relaxation, it all starts with a sensational bath.

Freestanding baths have become the undeniable heroes of Aussie bathrooms, so you’d be wise to make yours the showstopper in your space.

And if you want to take the freestanding bath to the next level, think about rocking one of this year’s biggest bathroom trends: the raised platform.

Elevating your bath on a platform that sits above the rest of your flooring gives it presence in the room, like a beautiful sculpture on a plinth. It draws the eye, makes the bath a focal point, and evokes a sense of grandeur.

The good news is you can execute this trend on any budget. Opt for an affordable option like the Posh Solus Freestanding Bath, or invest in a luxe Kado Lussi Freestanding Bath. Both are available from Reece and can be seen in select Metricon display homes.

And if cleaning behind a freestanding bath fills you with dread, Reece showed us another bath trend – the back-to-wall bath. This gives the look of a freestanding bath without the cleaning headaches. A back-to-wall bath like the Posh Domaine Back to Wall Freestanding Bath is the perfect semi-freestanding solution.


Showers are getting bigger and better in 2020, as consumers embrace a heightened bathroom experience. Gone are the days of single shower heads in small spaces. Now, it’s all about twin showers with overhead drenching.

Not only is the shower footprint getting bigger, but shower frames have become a focus. Or, come to think of it, having the frame blend into the background using fixed glass panels means they’re not a focus at all. This minimal approach to shower screens lets tapware and tiles shine in the space.

Built-in shower benches are also going to be big in 2020, allowing relaxation while you clean as you age. They also double as shelving.


Who knew toilets would become sexy? Thanks to advances in technology,

they not only look sleeker, but they’ve become a cinch to clean too.

Concealed toilet cisterns continue to rise in popularity, giving them a minimal feel in the space. This approach allows a feature tile or other wall treatment to stand out as the hero in the room.

For homeowners who prefer an exposed cistern, an affordable option like the Stylus Dorado from Reece is a great choice. Or if you’re keen to invest and love the idea of an off-the-floor loo, consider the Caroma Urbane Wall Hung Toilet.

Rimless toilets are a huge trend that will soon become the norm in bathrooms in the years to come, as they make the cleaning process so much simpler and are more hygienic.


Tapware has come such a long way and will continue to progress in colour and shape this year.

While classic tapware finishes like chrome are still going strong, more contemporary finishes are rising in popularity too. Matte black continues to dominate, with brushed gold and brushed nickel now proving top choices as well.

There’s also a move toward mixing tapware finishes in a bathroom, with some tapware combining two finishes in the one set. For example, the Axon Three-Piece Wall Set showcases both chrome and matte black together.

Execute the coloured tapware trend affordably with a Mizu Drift Floor Mount Outlet in matte black, or opt for a luxury look with the Milli Pure Progressive Column Shower Mixer Tap.

Other 2020 Bathroom Trends

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