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Two first home buyers share their experience with Metricon


Buying your first home can be a confusing and stressful experience. You’ve never done it before, so it’s hard to know where to get started and what to do along the way.

We recently chatted to two first home buyers from South Australia, who went through this process with Metricon – buying and building their very first home with HomeSolution. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.


After spending a few years living with her best friend, and a short spurt living in a tiny unit with her partner, Alex was ready to buy her first home. “I always wanted something to call my own that we could decorate exactly as we wanted.”

At the beginning of Alex’s journey, she was ready to call and meet with a variety of different builders to see which could meet her needs – and which she felt comfortable with. The first display home that she visited was a Metricon home, and she was so happy with the service that she didn’t bother speaking to anyone else.

“I didn’t have to deal with multiple people from different departments, or worry about doing anything myself really,” Alex says, “everything was laid out and explained to me and I just gave the yeses and nos. This was such a relief, because I had no idea where to start when it comes to building a home!”

Vinh and Sylvia

Vinh and Sylvia Nguyen were both living with their parents before they bought their first home. “Living at home was great,” Vinh says, “my dad was a great cook - but we were so excited when we signed the contract to build our first home together.”

Vinh and Sylvia’s experience building their first home was made easy thanks to the knowledgeable team at Metricon. Vinh says, “Our sales representative gave us a realistic price from the start with the selections we had in mind. We trusted the process from start to finish, which made the whole experience fun and easy.”

They were able to get everything that they wanted from their budget. Summarising their experience, Vinh says “we just can’t wait to save up and build again!”

If you’re a first home buyer looking for more guidance or information, here are a few helpful pages. You’ll be a pro in no time – and more importantly, finally in a place you can call your own.