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Ten brick facade designs for Australian homes


Bricks are one of the most popular choices for new home builders across Australia, and for a good reason. They add plenty of style to any facade, are one of the best options in terms of durability and are a cost-effective choice. Furthermore, when you use high-quality bricks, they'll be a low maintenance option when used on your house exterior. Bricks have come a long way since the cream and red brick homes of the 60s and 70s, so let's look at ten contemporary brick facades that are sure to inspire your dream home.


This Sovereign 50 with the Verve facade utilises thin bricks with a light mortar for a contemporary look and feel. The marble-look tiles also add a sense of majesty, which is sure to impress visitors and passers-by. Despite using a dark brick, the light mortal allows you to implement a light render.


You don't have to stick to a single brick colour – combining them can create an exciting façade too. This Metro 32 with the Vogue façade does precisely that, and as you can see, it looks fantastic. The key here is not going overboard and opting for colours that complement each other. Having different materials in between helps too. This brick house is also a great example of using brick tiles to create a feature pillar.


Brick facades do not have to be “in your face” like days of old. The Langdon 32 with a Domain façade only showcases a few bricks, but what is on display makes an impact. The brown pairs perfectly with the timber windows and garage door, resulting in a façade that is sure to be the best on the street.


Opting for a brick facade doesn't mean you can't achieve a particular look or feel. If you love the countryside look of French Provincial, you can incorporate brickwork into your façade and make an impact. Take the Signature by Metricon Somerset, for example. The use of brick on this design adds texture to the frontage so that it doesn't all blend into one homogeneous look.


Using dark bricks with a light mortar looks fantastic - especially when paired with other light elements like on the Savannah 41RF with the Doric facade. This façade shows that you can use dark and light tones together, with a colour pallet including white, medium grey and almost black.


Bricks can be paired with timber cladding, as seen above on the Marion 42 with the Jensen façade. The two chocolate brown colours pair together perfectly and give you the best of both worlds. The brick pillar ends up being a focal point proving that you don't need to spend big to achieve a great feature.


Here's another home design that uses bricks as a focal point. The Hampshire 45 with the Alessi façade uses ultra-slim grey bricks resulting in a look that will dazzle anyone walking or driving past. We've placed a rustic sculpture in front of the brick wall, which you should consider, too, as it forms the perfect backdrop for your artwork.


This Salamanca 37 with the Como façade shows how classic brickwork can be enhanced when combined with other materials such as tiles and cladding. You may think the idea of brown bricks is unappealing, but the above image shows that it can be a modern option. It's proof that bricks can be affordable and stylish.


Again, bricks look best when combined with other materials. This Hayman 29MK2 with the Maine façade utilises a variety of contemporary materials to bring this home to life. It plays with different textures – including smooth tiles, natural timber and bricks to achieve a look that is sure to impress.


The Hampshire 54 uses an abundance of bricks to create a striking façade. It brings the bricks up to the second floor, with three rendered segments to break it up. This Hampshire is a classic look home that will never go out of style – another benefit of utilising bricks in your home design.

Tips for using bricks

  • Create a contrast between the brick colour and mortar colour to make an impact
  • Make a mood board with all façade components to ensure they all marry together
  • Combine brick elements with a render to create a focal point on your façade
  • Ensure your exterior colour scheme matches your interior design theme
  • When choosing your bricks, take a sample outside to see how it looks in the sunlight
  • Visit plenty of displays to get a feel for how a specific colour or style look when complete
  • Choose the right brick for your location – a Studio M design specialist can help you make the right decision

Check façade materials out in person

If you're still unsure of which façade materials to choose on your home, you can come into our Design and Inspiration Centre, Studio M, and view a wide selection firsthand. You'll be able to see, touch, and feel various brick and render styles in person.

Find out more about Studio M here.

For more house design and house facade inspiration, check out our image gallery. You can find images of homes with a real brick finish and find ideas for your next project.