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Sonia, Su and Studio M: the start of an investment journey


Twentysomething nurse and first-time home-buyer Sonia set herself a goal to “achieve something great” in the form of an investment property she could rent out before converting to a comfortable retreat for her Mum come retirement.

Spurred on by numerous road trips to Lake Macquarie and a timely visit to a Metricon display home, Sonia and Su are now happily immersed in the Studio M experience as they look forward to seeing their dream home come to life in “clean and beautiful” Morisset Park, NSW.

“Mum and I have always wanted a property near the water, which in Sydney is a very expensive way to go. And even though there is an urgency to get into the market right now, we took our time to find the right house and land for our budget.” Sonia

Sonia, who migrated to Australia from China when she was just seven, had been searching for an affordable way to enter Sydney’s soaring property market – a challenge many would deem unlikely. Despite the challenges, Sonia and Su found a way to bring a vision for their first investment property to life.

Sonia set her sights an hour and a half north of Sydney where she and Su discovered Trinity Point Estate, a Johnson Property Group development within the beautiful Morisset Park – an oasis between Sydney and Newcastle offering the best of both worlds: mountains set against Lake Macquarie with the beach just a short drive away.

“What we love about Morisset Park is not just its affordability and country town feel, but it’s also a very beautiful place that’s clean and fresh, with essential amenities close by.” Su

And being the savvy investors that they are, Su added that: Investing in regional areas is good because of the ease in renting out property. We’re also excited by the growth in the area, prices are steadily increasing all the time.”

With their block of land locked in, next came the all-important question of what style of home to build on it. While Sonia and Su were open to all kinds of ideas and inspiration, they found common ground on a few home design must-haves.

“We both love alfresco areas, so that was a non-negotiable – as was lots of natural light, the orientation of the home as well as a versatile ground floor to make life easier for Mum when she retires – so we can easily turn a study into a guest room.” Sonia

When asked about why they chose Metricon to build their dream home, Su explains that the decision came after a timely visit to a display home together with the ongoing support they received from their New Home Advisor, Eric, whom they called on for advice at all times of the day and night.

“Although we’d done lots of research and had many discussions, we still needed a spark of inspiration, and this came when we visited a Metricon display home. We loved how it was presented, and thanks to the ongoing support from Eric, we were able to get our many questions answered and bring shape to our ideas.” Sonia

Ultimately, Sonia and Su decided on the Bentleigh 34, a home they describe as “an excellent choice with a façade and floor plan we love”.

So, with the fundamentals locked in, Sonia and Su embarked on one of the most enjoyable and immersive parts of the Metricon home building journey – the Studio M experience. This was their opportunity to be guided through the customisation of two critical parts of their home – the floor and kitchen.

Being such a focal point of the home, they were impressed with the experience and professionalism of their kitchen design consultant, who guided them through the myriad of colours, patterns and cabinetry choices, resulting in a kitchen design they can’t wait to experience for real.

“Our experience with the Studio M team has been fantastic. We felt very supported and are confident we’ve made the right choices for our flooring and kitchen, which is where Mum and I spend a lot of our time. We were both surprised at how smooth and easy it all was.” Sonia
“When we went into this, we didn’t know what to do because we have no experience. And that’s really where Metricon excels because we have relied on their experts for advice on everything from floor plans to cabinetry. Metricon has delivered excellent customer service and we’re very thankful for all the professional guidance and advice we have received so far.” Su

With their build set to commence in early 2022 Sonia and Su are counting down the days to the moment when they’re handed the keys to their new Bentleigh 34 in a beautiful part of the world. Stay tuned for more to come from Sonia and Su as their new home build nears completion.

Found this customer story inspiring and want to start your own journey with Metricon? Find out more here or get in touch with a new home advisor here.

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