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So, you want to be a property investor? Here’s how to build that property portfolio


Here at Metricon, we understand that the idea of purchasing your first investment property can be a little scary, with so much to get your head around. It can seem like a total impossibility.

But here’s the thing: property investment isn’t just for the super-rich. Forget about “you need money to make money”. It could be within your reach right now. With more than 45 years of building homes under our belt, we’ve developed the knowledge and expertise to guide you on building the perfect property investment for you now.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for investors,” says John Sheehan, General Manager of Invest by Metricon, the newly launched range of Metricon Homes geared to property investors. “We’ve gathered all the hints and tips you’ll need to get cracking on building your property portfolio and enjoying all that investment brings.”

It’s much easier than you think

If you have a mortgage, you’re already ahead of the game. You might already have a heap of potential sitting there locked up in your home’s bricks and mortar. The current value of your home minus the amount left on your mortgage adds up to equity. Do the maths, and you might be surprised to learn how much buying potential you have at your fingertips.

And the beauty about property, when you boil it all down, is that it’s a simple numbers game. “Saving up the deposit to buy your first home is the hardest part, but once you’ve done that, everything gets much easier,” John says. “It’s the same when you are looking at building a property portfolio. When you have equity built up in that first property, you pull it out and fund the next one.”

One rental property leads to another and can lead to a wealth multiplier effect. John says “If you buy in the right area, you may be able to draw on that equity without having to pull a cent out of your pocket and fund that second or third investment property. There’s a bit of a domino effect.”

And it makes sense to build new rather than invest in an existing property to build that portfolio, John says. “Tenants like new houses, so you’ll likely get better rental for it. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance issues that come with older properties, and you may be able to claim depreciation.”

Even better, Metricon’s focus on quality control means you can sell it when you’re ready, backed with Metricon’s reputation. “When the time comes to resell, being able to say that it’s a Metricon home will add value,” John adds. “With all of these things married together, it’s the full package that makes it easy for you to buy your first, second, third, fourth investment property, and so on.”

What are you waiting for?

The potential in property investment can be endless. Planning for the future isn’t just something rich people do – anyone can create wealth by drawing on the resources they already have.

Once you take your first step on the property investment ladder, the good news is it only gets easier from there. Particularly if you have Metricon on your side. We’ll help you choose a house and land package that works for you, removing all the stress. That will keep both you and your future tenants happy.

“You’re building with the number one builder in the country, and with that comes Metricon’s Lifetime Structural Guarantee,” John says. “So, it’ll be built to a fantastic quality, it will rent out well, and will keep your tenants happy, with little maintenance.”

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out how Metricon customer Yvonne Morrison built her property portfolio here.

Make sure you seek financial advice

While we’ve tried to be as helpful as possible, this article should not be considered professional financial advice. It contains general information only, and you should seek out independent, professional advice on your personal situation before making any financial decisions.

If your financial adviser thinks an investment property is a good idea, based on your current financial situation, then talk to one of Invest by Metricon’s friendly experts today.

If you feel ready to start your property investment journey, learn more about Invest by Metricon today. Invest by Metricon offers an end-to-end process that allows you to obtain a rent-ready, premium home in one of Australia’s leading estates, simplifying your investment journey. With new build investment opportunities across Victoria and Queensland, you're sure to find something that suits your investment strategy, no matter where you live.