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Festive holiday decoration ideas for your outdoor area


A defining feature Metricon’s home designs is the outdoor area. Our designers innovative use of outdoor spaces helps to get the best from your block. Our team creates a seamless transition between spacious open-plan living rooms and beautiful outdoor areas.

When summer comes around, the time is ripe to prime your outdoor decor for a holiday season of fun with family and friends and making the most of the beautiful weather. So, get ready to dust off the outdoor room, decorate it to the nines and get things shipshape in time for Santa's arrival and the best months ahead.

Prepare your canvas

After a long winter, you'll want to start this process with a clean slate. Store away any furniture or clutter that has accumulated during the year to make way for holiday decor. Hose down or mop the floors and wash away any dust, cobwebs and grime from walls and surfaces. Now is also the time to oil the decks and replace any blown light bulbs. In the garden, mow the lawns and plant some Christmassy poinsettias, then give your plants some fresh mulch and a decent drink of water — restrictions permitting.

Get your layout right

Next up, it's time to get the floorplan right. Take a moment to reflect on how you could use the space best — leaving room for an extra Christmas tree or two, of course. As outdoor expert Charlie Albone will tell you, the goal is to section off areas for different purposes. Consider placing your dining table under feature lighting, with enough space for many people to congregate. Next, set up comfy, intimate corners with your outdoor sofas, made even better with a view of the pool, garden or a pinecone-laden firepit.

Arrange the outdoor Christmas decorations

To create a lovely sense of warmth and occasion, cast some delicate Christmas lights across the nicer parts of the room you want to accentuate, like fireplaces or long walls. For a modern look, arrange rows of string lights across the ceiling. Festive garlands will also spread holiday cheer. Whether you pick red ribbon, twine, snowflakes, snowmen or nutcracker motifs, you'll find that garlands look better in multiples. You can either loop them together for a chunky, luscious look or layered alongside one another to create interest.

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Set the table

If you don't have feature lighting above your outdoor table, you can create a DIY centrepiece by hanging decorations from your ceiling beams. Remember that height is critical here — keep the arrangement high or low enough so that your guests can still see each other's smiling faces. If you don't have beams, you can still create stunning table centrepieces with lamps or candles, greenery, ornaments, candy canes and a touch of sparkle — best served up in that order.

Add some details

With the table set, it's time to add some final touches of Christmas decor around the room. Even if you're not celebrating Christmas, adding some standout pieces — Christmas ornaments, flowers, cushions, throws and candles — to your coffee tables, ledges, mantle pieces and front door will add intrigue, and bring warmth and happiness to all.

So, there you have it! For more Christmas decorating ideas, Christmas gift ideas and style tutorials, head to our blog, Home Truths. You'll find more DIY advice, the latest on Metricon homes and plenty of knowledge about property investment.