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2020 Bathroom Trends Part 2: New designs and evolving technology

Chris Carroll

Bathroom design is ever evolving, but thankfully, a lot of the trends that have landed for 2020 look to be sticking around for years to come. This means the looks you implement now will last you decades, and there are many ways to execute these design moments without breaking the bank.

I recently spoke all things bathroom design with two of the brightest experts in the industry: Metricon's Design Manager Ricky D'Alesio and Reece's Bathroom Brand Manager Kelly Huglin. Read on as I recap what they revealed at Metricon's recent bathroom trends Masterclass.

Vanities and basins

Vanities are getting bigger and better. Wall mounting is now the norm, creating a heightened sense of space and twin vanities that evoke a sense of grandeur are gaining traction.

We're seeing more basins integrated into vanity tops as another big trend. Ricky explained that selecting both the basin and vanity at the same time is crucial, to ensure heights are correct for practical use and the right look and feel.

Greater storage capacity in vanities is also on the rise, with drawers preferred over cupboards. Drawers are also being designed in a way to work around the plumbing beneath the basin, meaning you get maximum storage internally.

Exposed plumbing has been gaining momentum and is predicted to take centre stage in zones like powder rooms. These smaller area areas allow you to be more innovative and create stellar design moments.

The interior of the ISSY Halo III showing the clever drawer design.

The dream of a wow-factor vanity and basin combination can be realised on any budget. For example, for an affordable option look to the Posh Domain Wall Hung Vanity. Or if you're looking to splurge invest in the chic ISSY Halo III Vanity Unit.

Mirrors and Lighting

Mirror shapes have been the biggest game-changer in bathrooms in recent years, and this trend will continue to evolve. Circular mirrors will carry on, with oval and other organic shapes rising in popularity too. It's what's happening behind the mirrors that's the most exciting part though.

Mirrors with LED lighting built into the perimeter are now in the market, merging form and function wonderfully. Reece's Kado Lussi Mirror is a perfect example of this. On/off touch sensors make this style of mirror a modern marvel, as does the built-in defogger which reduces condensation.

The KADO Lussi Mirror, available from Reece.

Storage behind the mirror has become increasingly important, and the market has delivered for consumers. Shaving cabinets with power points concealed behind their doors are the preferred approach, to keep the walls surrounding the vanity looking sleek.

New Technology

One of the most exciting bathroom design trends for 2020 is the rise of technology. Designed to address functionality more so than appearance, there are several new bathroom technologies landing which will revolutionise the way you use your bathroom.

The first is thermostatic mixers, allowing you to set your bath or shower's ideal water temperature. This avoids surprise scoldings, long waits for the water to warm up and makes for a unique and personalised bathroom experience. No more fine-tuning your tap settings every day!

Smart home integration will soon become the norm in modern bathrooms. You're able to change the lighting or music as you soak in the tub without moving a muscle thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

Lastly, exhaust fans are evolving, with options now including energy-saving capabilities. Many also have fully integrated heat, light and air extraction, as well as sensor options for automation.