While most people are making the most of the outdoors before winter is upon us, now is actually an ideal time to give the outside of your home a little bit of love.  You guessed it…autumn is perfect for maintenance outside of the home.  Spruce up your outdoors, just before winter hits with unwanted periods of cold and wet weather.  We’ve come up with some home maintenance ideas that will not only make your home look presentable, but will ensure that it, and you, can survive the winter months.

How do I get my Neighbours to have Lawn Envy?
When it comes to home maintenance, lawn rejuvenation is often forgotten.  Yet throwing a weed and feed product on takes very minimal effort.  There’s nothing worse than unsightly weeds creeping through a once-manicured lawn, so get on down to your local garden supplier now - your lawn will love you for it and your neighbours will be coming to you for advice!

Pictured: Doulton 56 on display in Burwood East, VIC

Should I Clean my own Gutters? 
No one likes cleaning gutters.  That’s a fact.  This home maintenance job is usually at the bottom of the list.  Cleaning your own gutters is a dangerous hobby, especially in the colder months where slipping and falling could be hazardous.  Leave it to the experts and call in some outside help.  A local roof cleaning and maintenance company can professionally clean your roof and clear out the gutters of leaves and dirt.  A professional company will have all of the fall protection equipment in place to ensure safety standards are adhered to.  Tip: make sure you book in early as it’s peak time for roof-cleaning.

How can I give my Deck a Lift?
Let’s face it, depending on the product used, you shouldn’t have to seal your driveway regularly but decks are another story.  Natural materials, such as timber, are affected when exposed to the elements and should be oiled at least twice per year, particularly if positioned in direct sunlight.  See Metricon’s easy-to-follow steps on how to protect your deck here.

Pictured: Sovereign 50 on display in Glen Waverley, VIC

What should I do if my Fence needs Fixing?
Before winter, it’s a good idea to do a quick check of all fences to ensure that they are secure and aren’t in any danger of falling down during heavy rainfall or storms.  If you believe that your fence needs repairing or replacing, you’ll need to discuss this with your neighbour to come to an agreement.  Remember to check with your local council if you are unsure of whose responsibility it is to cover any costs involved.

How can I make my Windows Shine?
Cleaning the windows isn’t exactly the most exciting item on your home maintenance agenda, but when you see how much dirt and grime is cleaned off, you’ll be surprised at how you were actually able to see out of them before.  Dirt can build up on windows and window panes within no time, so it’s important to clean your windows regularly.  Natural cleaning products can be quite effective to clean glass and will make your windows shine like new.

What Outdoor Electrical Items should be Checked?
You’ll need to make use of outdoor lights during the darker months, so it’s a good idea to check that your outdoor lights are in good working order.  This is a quick and easy home maintenance job to complete.  You may also want to check other outdoor electrical items, such as security alarms, barbeques, heat strips, ducted heating and hot water services.  Be sure to call upon a licensed electrician should you need assistance.

Tips to get Home Maintenance Jobs Completed
You may feel that you’ll never get your home maintenance jobs ticked off before winter, so here are some handy tips to make it all happen:
  • Make a list of home maintenance jobs and set yourself a job each week to complete
  • Get the kids involved…they love a bit of outdoor time
  • Team up with your friends or neighbours with a working bee
  • Know what you’re capable of and hire some help if you need
Most people will avoid doing outside jobs in the cold weather for obvious reasons, so hopefully these home maintenance ideas will help you on your way this autumn so that you’re ready for the change in season.

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