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Refresh your home with a spring clean and restyle


Spring has officially sprung! The weather is heating up, the birds are chirping, and the sun is finally poking out from behind those dark clouds. It's been a challenging winter, and the new season is putting a much-needed smile on many of our faces.

By following regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, there is no doubt you've spent more time in your home over the last few months than ever before. Because of this (we can all be honest) the interior fatigue is real. If you're sick of looking at the same piece of art on your wall, the same throw on your couch and the same overwatered indoor plant, do not be alarmed — you are not alone.

With the sun out and spring in the air, it's the perfect time to turn up the music, throw open the windows, pull out the Dyson and give your entire home a spring clean and DIY refresh. It's not just about scrubbing the kitchen sink. Spring cleaning is the ability to prepare for summer, renew your living spaces and breathe new life into your entire home.

Say goodbye to winter

If you added winter layers to your home decor during the colder months, now is the time to pare it back and pack away the heavy throws and cushions. Then get your Marie Kondo on and declutter. This could mean permanent solutions like culling or selling the pieces you no longer need or like. Otherwise, it may just be as simple as sorting and storing away the items that build up in thoroughfares over time. Try starting with that spot by your front door where you toss your mail, keys and bags.

Strip the bed

Warm weather-lovers rejoice, you can finally put the flannelette sheets in the washing machine and pack them away for good, opting for more luxurious cotton, linen and Tencel options instead. Chunky macrame throws can also go into the linen closet, in favour of textured cotton waffle. You can also consider changing cushion covers over to soft, lightweight natural fibres. But before you make the bed, you may also want to consider moving it to a new location in your room. Even if it's not the most efficient use of the space, waking up in a new location could still be a welcome change.

Be kind to your plants

After years of neglect, this winter, you probably found yourself homebound with nothing to do but water your plants. Suddenly those dry, neglected pots began to flood and even rot. But with spring in the air, you can finally pay your photosynthesising friends back by repotting those that are overgrown, healing them of any fungus gnats or insects and even treating yourself to some new varieties. Place an order with your favourite nursery and spend a DIY weekend in the garden.

Add some DIY colour

Good news! You've emerged from your winter cocoon in a new age where colour reigns supreme. Take a neutral wall or cupboard, get out the paint rollers and experiment with a bold statement. Jewel tones are popular, as are very dark shades like navy. Wallpaper is also making a rather modern return. Of course, if you're not feeling up to it (we understand that it's a lot to take in), you can try adding dimension by emphasising natural and wooden textures instead. It could be as simple as rolling away the living room rug to show off your floorboards or trying something new in jute.

Restart with a blank canvas

It's incredible what a vast difference that moving your existing furniture and artwork can do to your home. Without buying a single new piece, you will see old spaces in a completely new light. Start by stripping your walls of all hangings and place them on the table or floor. Armed with an old toothbrush and a spray bottle filled with hot water and a dash of dish soap, white vinegar and baking soda (the ultimate cleaning solution for any cleaning hack), wipe down the dust and grime from your frames. Next, give the glass a quick polish with a special-purpose cleaning product and a microfiber cloth until they're spotless. Now it's time for the fun to begin. Sub out old photos for the new, or at least the less familiar. Then turn on the music, pour yourself a glass of wine and experiment with new arrangements, before repositioning them in different parts of your home.

Awakening from winter's hibernation, spring is the time of year to shake off the chains of monotony and celebrate life. It's out with the old and in with the new — embracing change and the eternal search for improvement.

We give you full permission to go all out — create your cleaning checklist, swap cleaning tips about homemade cleaners and cleaning supplies with your friends, and then get to it. Scrub that mildew from the grout, clean up the grime from your baseboards, give your laundry room a makeover, wipe down all your countertops with disinfectant and clean windows across your entire house. The possibilities are endless.

If you're chasing more good ideas for stylish living, you can check out our blog and even explore the contemporary designs our customers are inspired by via our Lookbook. Happy spring cleaning!