There are a number of challenges associated with building a home on a sloping block of land.  Councils are becoming more particular about designs marrying in with the natural lay of the land, and issues such as cut and fill restrictions, driveway grade and building height regulations, and drainage and retaining wall problems, all impact on the choice of house design.  The time and expense to dig into a slope to level it effectively for a regular home is also prohibitive for many would-be homebuilders.  Thank goodness for split level home designs!  They help you fully utilise your land and overcome these problems.

Until recently, whilst Metricon was able to adapt some of their designs to work with sloping home sites, there was little flexibility and a number of restrictions.  Now, with a new range of split level designs available in both single and double storey options, Metricon is able to build on blocks that were previously considered out of bounds.  

4 key benefits of a split level home

1.  Space Maximiser

A split level home takes advantage of all the available space on your land.  By building up, there are few compromises required  - you get the large home and the big backyard you desire.

2.  Unique design

When building on a slope, the façade and roofline will vary depending on the angle of your home site. You may choose to have living areas on the upper level to take advantage of views and bedrooms on the lower level, or vice versa. Distinct zones can be created which is great for families with children. Your home will be uniquely yours!

3.  Cost-effective alternative

Cutting into a sharply angled block of land to accommodate a regular home design can be very costly. Unforseen issues such as rock, water pipes or poor soil can also increase your costs significantly. A split level home reduces the impact.

4.  Take advantage of views

A split level home will take great advantage of picturesque surroundings.  By using the land wisely, all views can be maximised.


Explore Metricon's Split Level Homes

The Metro 32SL

The Metro 32SL is a family home that is compact enough to suit narrow blocks but large enough to accommodate modern day living.  There are four spacious bedrooms and a study nook, and a large integrated central living zone.  It is contemporary urban living that is adaptable to a sloping block, giving families the space and design they’re after.

Above: The Metro 32SL, Doncaster Victoria


The Botanica 36SL

Created to accentuate South Australia’s rolling landscapes, the popular Botanica 36 design was reimagined to bring you a split-level solution. This four bedroom, two-bathroom Designer by Metricon home on display at Craigburn Farm in South Australia allows you to build your dream home, without having to compromise on the floorplan or features.

Above: The Botanica 36SL at Craigburn Farm, South Australia
The Vantage 36SL & 48SL

The Vantage 36SL and Vantage 48SL are truly luxurious homes, designed to work as split level masterpieces.  With an outdoor entertaining room, a leisure room, plus expansive open plan living and dining rooms, you’ll never be short on space.  The Vantage offers discerning buyers the taste and flair of a traditional design, but with the flexibility of additional living spaces on a sloping block. These are two split level homes you have to see to truly appreciate!

Above: The Vantage36SL Doncaster Victoria

Split level homes offer enormous potential for flexible living, for views and for taking full advantage of interesting blocks of land. Currently only available in Victoria and South Australia, explore the Vantage 36SL and Metro 32SL in Doncaster, Victoria, or the Botanica 36SL and Vantage 48SL at Craigburn Farm, South Australia today.