The beginning of January is a great time to reflect on the year that was.  Whether it’s your health, wealth, business or personal life, it’s a great time to look at what worked and what didn’t and make new plans for more of the positive things.  At Metricon we’ve reviewed the most popular blogs on our website, as measured by our readers.
Let’s revisit the top 10 Home Truths articles for 2016:
January: The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design 

Following the ISH bathroom fair in Germany in 2015, attendees from Reece identified the top bathroom trends as these: fine lines, muted palettes, metallic accents, smart toilets, raw textural materials, sensory bathing, and a return to three-piece tapware.  Styling your bathroom requires thoughtful consideration given the size and daily use of the space, and should aim to combine the ultimate in aesthetics and functionality.  For inspiration, view the Metricon Bathroom Gallery.

February: Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year

Did you know that the position of your staircase or your kitchen sink could affect the health and happiness of your home and therefore your family? The principles of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese tradition of allowing good energy (Qi) to flow throughout your home, are evident in many of Metricon’s beautiful home designs.
March: Tiled Splashbacks in the kitchen

Today's plethora of colours, designs, materials and sizes of tiles, means that you can achieve a far more distinctive look in your kitchen than what is possible with a glass splashback. Mosaics, geometrics and raw natural materials were particularly on-trend. The Metricon Lookbook has a great video on feature tiles.
March: Style delights in natural and organic materials

Our newly launched Lookbook Minerals theme makes use of natural materials paired with black and white geometrics and a touch of metallic.  This stylish and delicate interior style requires a mineral palette layered with natural materials such as copper, marble and timber.  You can explore the Minerals style further in the Metricon Lookbook.

April: Single or double storey home

The first big question to ask yourself before you build a new home is whether you want a single or double storey.  There are a number of factors to consider, including the size of your block, cost, and lifestage of your family.  Metricon has a range of double storey and single storey home designs to choose from.   
June: The build process

Building a new home is exciting but can also be daunting - after all, it's not something you do every day. Thankfully, Metricon does!  Factors such as weather, the complexity of the home design, and the preparation required on the site all contribute to the length of the process.  This time lapse video shows the building of a new home by Metricon in just one minute.
August: Inspirational ideas for your outdoor room

Living and entertaining outdoors is part of Australian culture.  An outdoor room is a fantastic investment in your home and your lifestyle and, thanks to advances in all-weather materials and furnishings, is somewhere that can be enjoyed year round.  Further ideas on how to blur the lines between your interior and exterior living spaces can be found in this LookBook video.

September: Hamptons sophistication in Brighton

Living by the beach shouldn’t necessarily mean a loss of luxury.  The relaxed elegance of the American east coast resonates perfectly with Australia’s bayside suburbs, where the lifestyle is peaceful but our living demands a little indulgence. The sophistication of the Hamptons has been interpreted in a modern sense in Metricon’s Bayville 49.
November: Making the best choice in flooring

There are many practicalities to consider when choosing flooring, such as pets, children, and the room’s purpose, but a good flooring choice will also affect the mood and styling of the room.  Making a considered choice in your flooring will impact the remainder of your interior styling. Visit our collection of LookBook Themes to see how flooring options flow to create a consistent and complementary style throughout your home. 

December: Keep your deck looking like new

A deck looks beautiful when looked after correctly.  However, exposure to the elements means regular maintenance is required to keep it looking good.  Follow this simple maintenance routine to ensure you enjoy a safe and attractive deck year round.

We hope you’ve been inspired by our Home Truths blog during 2016 and look forward to sharing more styling and design tips and trends with you in 2017.