Whether it be you’re currently sitting in the lounge room of your renovators delight or amongst plans and permits of a new build, the design process can be somewhat stressful.

This week I got together with Metricon Homes and Reece to discuss all things bathrooms. From what’s hot, and what’s not. The trends that will stay around and the fast moving ‘fashion’ of the home.

Top Style Trends Right Now


Well we all know this one, a mix of warm tone woods, clean lines and white as far as the eye can see. It’s fresh and a good one for going the distance. The simplicity of the design will move well through the years and won't date as quickly as other looks may.

The key to the Scandi design is its informality. Add some styling touches like a jute basket, some greenery in the form of a plant (living or artificial), and even a wooden stool/side table next to the bath or shower if room permits.

Explore more of the Scandinavian look here.

Black Label

Black label or otherwise known as the hotel look. It’s full of drama, moody tones, and opulent finishes. Brass, copper and marble touches. A black label look in a bathroom is definitely for those who enjoy luxury, and spending time in tub relaxing, and just enjoying the space.

Think about adding sheer curtains to your windows to diffuse the light and add a little glamour to the space. Oversized basins give the bathroom a grand feel, and a pendant light would complete the look.

Explore more of the Black Label look here.

South Hamptons

The last, and in my opinion the best, is South Hamptons inspired. A timeless classic. If you're looking for something that won't date, and will always look fabulous, then go with this.

Add a few contemporary elements like tap ware and it will give the look a modern feel. All black or gold finishes really make a Hamptons space special and brings in a contemporary feel. A feature tile, or dove grey cabinetry would work perfectly with a marble bench top.

Explore more of the Southampton look here. 


Up and coming and here to stay

Round mirrors are key. Gone are the standard square shapes. Even square mirrors are getting a shake up with rounded corners. Thin profile basins are on the rise, although the traditional and organic styles are topping the preference chats at the moment, the thin profile is becoming ever more popular, and we're seeing many more of these shapes in store. Hamptons is here to stay, it’s safe and great for resale as it suits a broad market. Powder rooms are for having fun. Pendant lighting and statement tiles are always at home in a powder room.

Tips for planning the perfect bathroom

  • Make sure you plan for its user. Make it practical if planning for a family with children; plan for wet floors, storage spaces and the best layout that will suit.
  • Lighting, natural light is the best for a bathroom that will be used every day. Also think about if you want pendant lighting for a feature. Frosted glass or glazed.
  • Shower heads, Drenchers (overhead soakers) or a head on a rail so you can take it off or lower to kid’s height. Although drenches look amazing (a feel amazing) they are a bit of a pain when you want to sit on the floor and shave your legs! Ha-Ha.
  • Floor heating vs lamp heaters.
The list goes on and on, by best advice would be start looking in magazines, on Pinterest and website such as Metricon and Reece, pull inspiration from the sources that are so readily available. You will soon see a pattern in what style you like most. It may be that your favourite looks will all feature black tap ware and marble bench tops, maybe even plantation shutters behind a free standing bath. If you draw from the images you like and reference back to them you won’t find yourself off track with a mixed style.

Create a mood board, visit tile shops to get samples and sit them together to see if you like the overall look or create a virtual mood board on metricon.com.au

And there you have it, a few easy tips and steps to planning a magazine perfect yet functional bathroom of your own.

If you’re looking for more information on how to achieve any of these looks you can visit Metricon display homes or their inspiration page on the website.

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