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The benefits of townhome living


A townhome – also known as a townhouse – is a multi-level dwelling that shares one or more walls with neighbouring homes.

Townhomes have risen in popularity across Australia, and it’s easy to see why. The advantages of a townhome makes it a fantastic option for first home buyers, single-family homes, downsizers, families and investors alike.

While townhomes aren’t a new concept for home buyers in today’s market, not everyone is familiar with the wide range of benefits that these homes can offer. We recently sat down with Metricon’s TownLiving Sales Manager, Stephanie Soto who explained the many benefits of a townhome, and why it should be on your home buying radar.


One of the most alluring aspects of a townhome is the exceptional value for money. Unlike traditional freestanding homes, townhomes can be built on compact allotments, so the purchase price of a (town) home and land package tends to be considerably cheaper.

The stunning kitchen in the Rosedale, one of our latest TownLiving projects in Craigieburn, Victoria.

“Townhomes maximise the amount of home you can get on your lot. By sharing a wall with your neighbour, you eliminate the ‘dead space’ down the side of your home. This reduces the cost without sacrificing any features inside,” says Stephanie.

These savings are what makes townhouse living so popular as an investment property and anyone trying to gain a foothold in the real estate market. For eligible first home buyers, you can also put the First Home Owners’ Grant towards your deposit when buying a townhome.


While townhomes might look relatively compact from the street, once you venture inside, you’ll notice they are deceptively spacious. One of the common misconceptions about townhomes is that you sacrifice on space,
which is far from the truth.

Our designers cleverly ensure that not an inch of your townhousee is wasted space.

While your dwelling will be narrower than a freestanding house, the intelligent designs implemented in townhomes ensure each area is spacious and functional. In Metricon’s TownLiving designs, you’ll still see the same spaces that you’ve come to love in a Metricon home, including an integrated living space, kitchen and dining area, a large master bedroom and plenty of space for the whole family to retreat and relax. They're still much roomier than apartment buildings.


Another myth surrounding townhomes is that you’ll be able to hear your neighbours through the shared wall and vice-versa. The good news isthat Metricon uses a range of high-quality materials to ensure your privacy is maintained, and you won’t be disturbed by the noise coming from an adjoining home.

TownLiving townhomes feature a soundproof walls for maximum privacy.

Stephanie explains, “Our Hebel party wall system means that we offer soundproof and fire-rated walls, so you don’t have to worry about hearing your neighbours. Building a high-quality townhome comes down to using the right materials and the best trades Australia has to offer.”

Less to maintain

Heading outside to take care of your yard is not everyone’s idea of a good time. If you don’t have a green thumb or the time to tend to front and back lawns, low maintenance townhome living may be the perfect solution for you.

A spacious, low-maintenance courtyard is perfect for young families and certain pets.

“You can still have a spacious home with three bedrooms and an outdoor space, without the need to tend to a large yard. Townhomes require less upkeep, and the inclusion of an outdoor courtyard ensures you can still entertain, keep pets and provide the kids with a secure space to play,” says Stephanie.


You don’t have to compromise on the lifestyle that you want when moving into a townhome. We plan our townhouses within secure sites close to amenities, parks and conservation areas. Stephanie says that Metricon works with development partners to ensure we build every TownLiving project in a burgeoning community.

TownLiving looks for growing communities close to amenities for all it's projects.

“We want you to enjoy everything that these new and exciting communities have to offer. Our ‘home-sized townhomes will give you space to love where you live in convenient locations where growth is still occurring.”

New friends

Having all your neighbours close by makes it easy for you to build strong relationships and create a friendly townhome community. Having a reliable neighbour nearby is fantastic – they can keep an eye on your place if you head out of town, check in on you if you’re unwell and lend you a cup of milk or sugar if you forgot to pick some up at the shops!

There's plenty of space to entertain friends new and old in a TownLiving home.

And, if you don’t want to chat with your neighbours, you’ll be happy to know that a townhome doesn’t have any common areas. Unlike an apartment, each townhome has its own front door, so you won’t have any interactions in a common hallway or elevator when you leave or arrive home.


If you’ve ever lived near neighbours who have an ‘interesting’ taste in design, you know the pain of your streetscape looking less than ideal.

A shared colour scheme and landscaping design makes for a brilliant streetscape*.

With a townhome, you don’t have to worry. Your street will have a consistent run of homes with each complementing the next. Your neighbours have great landscaping, a shared colour scheme and the latest design trends.

Townhomes are an excellent option for anyone in the market for a home with three bedrooms on a smaller budget. What’s more – our townhomes come will all the ‘turnkey inclusions’. Stephanie explains, “by turnkey we refer to being able to ‘turn the key and move-in’, so you have flooring, driveway, landscaping and fencing covered in your fantastic new home. Your home is ready from the get-go!”

To find out more about TownLiving and our new townhouses, call us on 1300 786 773 or enquire here.

*Please note that some images in this article are artists interpretations of the final product.