Your master bedroom, your sanctuary
The master bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation; ideally it is filled with things you love that make you feel calm and rejuvenated.  It should be the place that is truly yours, and not invaded with toys or clutter or consideration for the rest of the family.

Often however, we don’t take enough time to create a private ‘grown up’ space that reflects our loves and lives.  At Metricon, we want you to love where you live, and that includes where you sleep.  Chris Carroll of The Life Creative, together with Mel Brady, styling for Snooze and Metricon’s Jacinta Evans, caught up to discuss the key elements of a sophisticated and beautiful master bedroom.
Bedside Greenery
Bedroom Soft Furnishings

Create a mood
The first thing you usually notice in a bedroom is the overall colour palette.  Your choice of paint will quickly create a particular mood in the room.  Dark charcoals and inky blues ooze sophistication, whilst earthy tones and pastels are more romantic and relaxed.  Be mindful that dark walls can have the effect of closing in around you, thus making the space feel smaller, so if you do want the wow factor that a dark colour can bring, try a feature wall behind the bedhead. 
Mirrors, lighting, greenery, artwork and soft furnishings all contribute to the mood of the room so choose wisely and in concert with each other for a balanced effect.
Bedroom Chair
Don’t sacrifice glamour for comfort
A bedroom is the room with the least requirement for functionality.  Obviously you need somewhere to sleep and store your belongings, but style and comfort should be at the forefront of choices rather than function. You won’t need to worry as much about fabrics being ruined by kids or animals either, so make choices that you not only love but are practical. 

Upholstered bedheads are sophisticated as well as comfortable – no more banging your head on the wall! The Memphis by Snooze is a gorgeous frame and bedhead that can be equally effective in a French Provincial style room or a more modern space.

Choose a really special chair that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose for a highly trafficked lounge room and pop it in the corner as a feature.  It’s always much more pleasant sitting on a beautiful chair than perched on the edge of the bed when tying your shoes.

Texture and symmetry
The master bedroom is a great place to play with layers of texture.  It’s also a simple way of adding dimension to a room and can bring all the elements together, from floor, to bed to curtains and linen.  There’s no need for everything to match exactly, and symmetry is not necessary on a bed.  Don’t be afraid to add cable knit cushions with striped quilt covers, and a padded bedhead.  Plenty of cushions in different sizes, throw rugs and different textures add sumptuousness and comfort that is inviting and calming.

Your bedroom, your happy place
Before you go ahead and start buying cushions and paint, be sure to do your research to consolidate your ideas.  No doubt you have a starting point for what you like, but why not take a look at magazines or the Metricon Bedroom Lookbook for inspiration.  Create a mood board on Pinterest to capture the ideas and designs you like then piece it all together with items you already have and love.  Your unique master bedroom styling will come together more easily than you had dreamed!