If you’ve always dreamed of a brand new home, but can’t bear the thought of moving away from your familiar neighbourhood, then a knockdown rebuild, or knockdown newbuild, could just well be your answer.
Imagine living in the same street, on the same block but in a more spacious and contemporary home to suit the growing needs of your family. We’ve outlined some of the key benefits, the process involved and costs to consider as part of a knockdown rebuild project to give you a head start in your journey.


Why Knockdown and Rebuild?
There are a plethora of reasons why our customers are leaning towards a knockdown rebuild for their next home. Compared with renovation costs, which can quickly blow out of budget, or the cost of moving, which includes stamp duty, a knockdown rebuild can be an affordable option.
There’s no compromise with a brand new home – you’ll enjoy a spacious layout and contemporary finishes and fixtures. If your goal is to have a brand new home, right where you want to live, then explore the home designs that you can select from with a knockdown rebuild.
You can’t buy good neighbours and it’s difficult to put a value against living right where you want.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to depart from nearby local shops, public transport options and freeways? Not to mention your closest friends!


The Knockdown Rebuild Process
Metricon have been building quality homes since 1976 and our specialist knockdown rebuild team is dedicated to guide you through the process. They will keep you updated about the progress of your knockdown rebuild and answer any questions that you have along the way.
The knockdown rebuild process is explained here. There are some easy steps that our specialist knockdown rebuild team will support you with:
  • Select your home design – browse our home designs online, in 3D virtual reality, or visit our display homes. Work with our specialist consultants and drafting team to create a home uniquely yours.
  • Check that the dream can become a reality – Our specialist consultants will review your title, local planning laws, overlays and the existing physical conditions of the block to ensure the proposal has the best possible chance of being approved.
  • Surveys and testing – soil testing and site surveys of your block are completed to finalise site assessment.
  • Preliminary contract – Presentation of your home plans and itemised costings with all the upgrades and changes you have discussed to date with your consultant – including your site costs.
  • Realise your vision – you will work with your Studio M home décor consultant in selecting colours, finishes and fixtures to suit your own personal style. Jump onto our Lookbook for interior styling ideas prior to your visit. Studio M also has specialists in electrical who can make the process of selecting lighting and power points easy. They will design the electrical layout of your home to suit your lifestyle.
  • Final contract signing – sign your building contract once final home plans and costs are approved.
  • Building permit – our knockdown rebuild team applies for your building permit.
  • Demolition – we can recommend a demolition company to demolish your old home. Construction of your dream home commences after demolition and final testing.
  • Your new dream home – your dream home is not far away! Your site manager will manage the construction process and will keep you updated at each stage – base, frame, lock-up, fixing and completion.
Knockdown Rebuild Costs
You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a knockdown rebuild can be. The main costs to consider include the removal or demolition of your existing home, the cost of your new Metricon home, plus rental costs for the duration of your project.
With a knockdown rebuild, you don’t need to sell up and move to upgrade your existing home. Metricon customers, John and Melissa, undertook a knockdown rebuild project at a stage when their family was growing out of their old home. They share their stress-free journey here.
If you’re thinking of staying where you are or have found an older style house in a location that you want to live in, a knockdown rebuild will give you the brand new home that you’ve been dreaming of.
If you want out with the old and in with the new, contact us for a free site appraisal here to receive specialist advice and obtain an initial estimate for your knockdown rebuild.