When it comes to nominating an area of the home where family and special guests gather to spend valuable time together it is generally the kitchen that first comes to mind. Equally important, however, is the living room - after all this is where you can put your feet up and sink into your favourite couch to relax, chat about the day's events or even watch the latest movies on your big screen television.

When you begin to explore our beautiful home designs and display homes, you will see that the living room is integral to the entire open plan area, which also incorporates the kitchen and dining rooms. The integrated open plan living area of our home designs ensure that there is a great flow in the design of your home with many also including additional areas such as an outdoor room.

Bringing your design ideas to life and choosing the furnishings and decorative pieces for your brand new home is an exciting time. In our LookBook video, one of our Senior Interior Designers Jacinta Evans discusses some great living room design tips and ideas with Chris Carroll from The Life Creative blog. View the video below:

Some of the living room design tips and ideas that are explored by Jacinta and Chris include how to start decorating your living room. Jacinta says, "The first thing I'd start with is a focal point and really ground the space, perhaps something like a rug that really defines the area. Also a great tip for people is to really pulling the furniture in off those walls. Having it pushed up against a wall is always going to make the space look small."


One area that people often find difficult to style are the shelves of the living room. Jacinta says that the number one tip to achieve a great look is layering, "You really want to mix it up with something that's small, something that's large, and something that's wide. Don't just layer all your books up vertically, have some laying down and maybe with a little candle or something on top. Really mix it up a little".

Some of the other great living room design tips and ideas that Jacinta and Chris talk about include how to create a colour palette for your living room, how to create those beautiful, plush looking cushions that you see in interior photos, as well as the latest trends when it comes to the centrepiece of your living room - the coffee table.


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