Writer and stylist Chris Carroll provides some ideas on creating an Easter table setting on a budget in this special guest blog post. Chris has his own blog The Life Creative which is filled with inspiring decorating ideas for  the whole year round. Chris has also previously presented videos for Metricon on festive table styling.


There’s no denying it; Easter tends to play second fiddle to Christmas when it comes to decorating. It doesn’t have to be this way though, especially considering a lot of the pieces you’ll use to put an Easter table setting together can be found in your home already.

Making more of an occasion of Easter brunch or lunch is a cinch, and below I’ll outline the steps you can take to implement a gorgeous Woodlands theme on your table top. As mentioned, some of these inclusions you’ll already have, while the rest can be picked up from stores and will vary in price depending on your budget.

Start with a neutral base

Lay down a white table cloth, or any other neutral colour you have at home. The reason we keep the base subdued is because you’ll load up a lot of more interesting design elements on top of the table. Ensuring your foundation is subtle will keep the scene visually balanced.

On that note, the entire colour palette for a Woodlands theme is fairly calm. Think whites, browns, greens and an accent colour if you fancy, like yellow.

Layer on some rustic decor

My best budget-friendly idea to create a Woodlands theme on your table is synthetic grass. You can get some from the hardware store for less than $20. Cut a 30cm-wide strip of it and use it as a table runner down the centre of your table.

Next, bring in some placements made from jute, wicker or hessian. These materials will start to make the tablescape feel rustic. On your synthetic grass table runner, consider placing some bird cages and mesh baskets to further enhance the rusticity.

Add in some Easter-themed pieces

This is where you’ll need to hit the shops. Because your table is looking fairly rustic, it’s time to look for some ceramic pieces in white tones to balance out the scene. These can be themed (like Easter rabbit, bird or egg ornaments) or you can look for some vases, bowls and vessels.

Look for pieces that vary in height when sat side-by-side. The more varying heights you have down the centre of the table, the more visually interesting it will be.

Applying the finishing touches

So you have your table cloth down, place mates on top, a table runner through the centre and some ceramic ornaments in varying heights running down the middle of the table. Now, it’s time to add the finishing touches.

Flowers are a must. I’d keep them to white and cream tones, unless you wish to add a pop of yellow, for example. You can have them in small vases or place the buds randomly down the table runner.

Use food as props, too. Think hot cross buns in wicker or mesh baskets - and definitely place loads of chocolates down the centre of the table too.

If you want to soften the look, bring in some linens like napkins or line the bowls with white tea towels.

Here’s hoping you have an amazing Easter and get to put your decorating skills to the test over the holiday period! Hit stores like Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Bed Bath N Table, Target or KMart if you’re on the hunt for Easter decor, otherwise just look around your own cupboards and see what you can make work!