For many people moving home doesn't mean moving away.

If you have lived at the same address for years then the idea of upgrading to a new home in a new location can be a difficult decision. After all you don't want to move away from your friends and neighbours, nor do you want to disrupt your kids and their education. Not to mention the impact on the family pets! At the same time, you have outgrown your current living situation and the house is looking a little worse for wear. For many people the decision is made much easier when they start looking into a Knockdown Rebuild home instead.

What is a Knockdown Rebuild?

Essentially a Knockdown Rebuild is where you demolish your current home and replace it on the same block with a brand new home. You get to build the contemporary home you have always wanted, and one which matches your lifestyle and has every luxury that you want in your home. It is often a more affordable and less painful process than you may have envisaged.

What about Renovating Instead?

You may have considered renovating your current home but this can often result in unforeseen cost blowouts as well as uncover previously hidden or undiscovered faults. It can be difficult to work out what the cost of a home renovation will ultimately be.

One of the most difficult parts of the rebuild journey is relocating temporarily to a rented home while your dream home is being built. Many people will tell you that the temporary shift is worthwhile after they have moved into their brand new home.

The relocation is also preferable to living in a home undergoing renovations - renovations which can sometimes appear not to have a completion date. With a Knockdown Rebuild home you will know when your new home will be ready and you also get to enjoy the experience of seeing your dream home built in a familiar setting. You might even inspire the neighbours.

Further information and resources

If you want to further explore the option of a Knockdown Rebuild then make sure that you take advantage of Metricon's expertise in this area. You can get more information in our Starter Kits or refer to the FAQs. And we are sure that many of our stunning home designs will also inspire you in achieving your new home.

If any of this has got you excited about taking the next step then you can also watch Metricon customers John and Melissa, who have been through the process, talk about their decision to go with a Knockdown Rebuild home in the below video:

If you want to learn more then make sure you attend one of our FREE events at our Mt Waverley head office. At these seminars you get the chance to hear from our specialist staff as well as customers who have been through the process and they will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Of course, you can always contact us to get you started on this exciting process. We can show you how easy it can be to get a perfect home in the place you have always loved.