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Townhouse living: Is it for you?


Townhouses are growing in popularity – and for all the right reasons. You might be surprised to know how many different types of occupants a townhome suits – from singles through to families and downsizers.

Here are four groups who can’t get enough of townhouse living.

Young families and first home buyers

Entering the property market is tough and it’s easy to feel discouraged. However, new townhomes are typically more affordable than a freestanding home, offering you the chance to get into your own place sooner rather than later (Sayonara Mum and Dad! See you later messy roommate!).

Not only is a townhome a great option for a first home buyer – a cleverly designed townhome can adapt to support you as your family grows. All of Metricon’s townhomes have either three or four bedrooms – with plenty of space for young kids to play and grow.


At the other end of the spectrum, we have couples who are sick and tired or maintaining their large, family home. Your large home was fantastic for your family and created a multitude of memories, but now that you’re an empty nester, it’s just too big. Whether it’s mowing your lawn or dusting empty rooms, it’s simply too much work for you. Your kids have left, or maybe only one’s still at home – it’s time to start enjoying your free time!

Claim more hours back by moving into a townhouse. You’ll spend much less time tidying and your garden will take a fraction of the time to care for. Townhomes make fantastic ‘lock-up and leave’ properties – if you want to head off on a trip for 2 weeks or 2 months, you can do so without stressing about the state of the home you’ll return to.

With three bedrooms, you can have friends and family come to stay whenever you like, and there’s plenty of room in the open-plan living space to host gatherings and entertain. And, if you’ve been living in an old home in need of updating or repair, a new townhome is going to feel like a breath of fresh air!
Many downsizers also love the financial freedom that a townhome affords, as they’re able to take some of the equity from the sale of their old home for retirement.

Single buyers

Who says you need a partner to purchase a home? Is it easier? Of course, it’s two incomes compared to one, but there are plenty of options for a single buyer, and one of the best is a townhome.

For a lot of people taking on the challenge of buying a home as a single person, you’re probably used to people telling you you’ll need to make sacrifices. Whether it’s a sacrifice on the quality of the home or on the location you’ll end up in. That’s not fair at all – and it’s not true either.

Townhomes are the perfect option. You can have your three-bedroom home, including a master bedroom with an ensuite, a garage for your car and a courtyard for any furry friends that live with you. And, you can have it in a location that works for you too. You’ll also be a part of a small community with neighbours in adjacent townhomes, which will help you to feel safe in your new home.


The final group interested in townhomes is quite broad – property investors. A townhome is a great choice for your property portfolio for three main reasons.

  1. As they’re often located in growing suburbs and estates, it can be easy to find a renter at a great rate.
  2. The other big draw for renters – new townhomes look great both from the street, and are decked out with modern finishes and fixtures.
  3. Metricon builds townhomes with liveability in mind – that means the home will be close to public transport, shops and parks which will make selling it (when the time comes) even easier.

With a team of experts designing townhomes for all Australians, plus a focus on friendly and efficient customer service, you can trust in TownLiving by Metricon to deliver a townhome so you’ll love where you live.