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Six optional features worth considering in your next home


Whether you rent it or own it, there's a high chance that your home is one of the most significant expenses in your life. During the building process, you may feel pressure to stick to the base price, keep extra costs down and avoid breaking the budget.

While this will help with your sanity and your financial wellness, there are some 'optional' extras for your new home that will likely end up saving you time and money in the long-run, so are well worth your consideration.

You'll know an optional feature is right for you when it aligns to your vision for the perfect home and your investment goals. On your Studio M selections day, your consultant will help you weigh up not just the optional extras that appeal most, but also the ones that could add value to your property.

It pays to have a clear set of priorities about the features that would impact you most. Some extras to consider are listed below.

Power up

Sustainable options like double glazing, solar panels and LED light fixtures all come with a steeper upfront price tag, but the benefits they unlock are twofold.

With power bills creeping steadily upwards, going green will likely shrink what you pay each cycle while keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. That means more money in your pocket for the essential things in life while feeling good about helping the planet.

But it's the long-term benefits of energy efficiency that really pay off. The sustainability conversation is becoming more and more significant to more people, which means the resale value of your property may also rise.

Keep cool (or hot)

While we're on the subject of energy, depending on where you live in this great southern land, you can't always rely on temperate weather. Installing a ducted heating and cooling system ensures you can stay comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

Installing after the build can be a bit of a logistical headache and create a lot of mess, plus you're likely to fork out more for it than you would if you'd gone with it in the first place. Ducted systems are also very efficient, so you're likely to shave a bit more off your bills, especially if you combine it with sustainable options like double glazing.

Get Smart

Connecting your home through a smartphone makes plenty of sense, from setting the right temperature and tunes to come home to, through drawing or opening your blinds from your bed.

But it's not just about making things easier. Building a smart home means you can monitor security systems remotely, giving you peace of mind. It can also help reduce utility bills by reminding you if you accidentally leave the lights on, lessening your environmental footprint too.

While shelf-bought products like Alexa can do the trick, it pays to build in a more sophisticated integrated system that can adapt to your changing needs and is less likely to become obsolete.

Finish it

Kitchens are often the social hub of any home. Opting for more durable and stylish countertops like Caesarstone, upgrading the appliances or adding a kitchen island bench with seating can create a more appealing hangout, regardless of whether you're an inspired cook or an Uber Eats regular.

The saying that 'kitchens sell homes' rings true, so think about this if you're planning to sell your home in the foreseeable future.

The same can be said about bathrooms. While not as on-show as a central kitchen and dining area, investing in extras like frameless shower screens can add a lot of value while avoiding the disruption of trying to do it later.

Store away

Marie Kondo might be sparking joy with her minimal approach to living, but growing families, in particular, need plenty of space to store stuff if they don't want the house to look permanently messy.

You may not notice a lack of suitable storage options at your mate's house, but you soon will if you move into your new home and find yourself caught short. An invisible saviour, cabinetry dramatically improves the functionality of your property.

Tailoring discreet shelving, cupboards and bookcases to your floorplan's nooks and crannies creates a custom-made feel that could also appeal to future home buyers.

Outdoor living

Australians have always placed great value on their outdoor space, but you can’t always rely on clear skies. That’s why it makes good sense to factor in a covered alfresco dining area when drawing up your original floorplan, which is way less intrusive and costly than trying to add one on later.

Add a ceiling fan and built-in heater and you can embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle all year round. Again, this won’t just benefit your family. It ­will most likely add to your home’s value too.

Whatever you decide, Metricon is here to help guide you. Get in touch with an enquiry here, and sign up for our newsletters here.