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How to fast-track approval of your DualOcc home in NSW


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There's a lot to take on board when building your DualOcc home, but don't let that put you off. The ultimate benefits of maximising your block's potential with a secondary dwelling far outweigh the time spent on homework.

The good news is, building in New South Wales (NSW) may be easier than you think, thanks to the State's Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

What is a Complying Development Certificate?

The NSW Government has streamlined the development approval process for straightforward, low-impact single and double-storey projects. If your plans meet these simplified standards, you might be eligible to apply for a CDC, which then fast-tracks things. Even better, the CDC combines cleared planning and building permits.

What standards does a CDC proposal need to meet?

How does it differ from other building approvals?

There are three pathways towards development approval in New South Wales: Exempt Development, Development Consent and Complying Development.

Exempt Development requires no approval, but the build must comply with pre-determined development standards.

Development Consent requires council approval for the planning permit, and a building permit approved by either council OR a private accredited certifier.

The CDC combines these approvals based on pre-determined standards.

How do I know if a CDC is right for me?

While the CDC is designed to smooth the planning process and speed it up for routine developments, not all DualOcc projects are straightforward. It's best to seek professional advice. Experts can check if you're eligible, prepare your building plans, and advise you on zoning, floor-space ratio, lot size, height, setback, and landscaping requirements.

Who can issue a CDC?

Either your local council or a private accredited certifier can issue certificates. Work cannot begin until you receive your CDC.

How long will approval take?

Approval can take as little as 20 days, though it may take longer depending on the development type.

Do I need to notify my neighbours?

Notifying neighbours about any work on your property or planned new development is mandatory in NSW. That includes CDC applicants to encourage better communication between communities. Once your application is submitted, either the local council or a private certifier must provide a 14-day notification period to neighbours.

How much does a Complying Development application cost?

Fees differ between local councils and private accredited certifiers, so it's best to consult with them directly before you begin.

Do you still need to apply for a BASIX Certificate if your CDC is accepted?

Yes. BASIX is an Australian-wide mandatory planning measure that ensures all new residential builds are energy and water-efficient. BASIX codes are contained in the Codes SEPP. You'll need to adhere to them to qualify for a CDC.

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