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Here are 10 top tips to make downsizing into your dream home easy


When we talk about downsizing, we usually think about empty nesters whose kids have flown the coop. And according to a recent report by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, more than half of Australians over the age of 55 are open to the idea of losing extra bedrooms in favour of building a smaller home on a more manageable block.

But it’s not just parents whose dependents have moved out that are attracted to the idea. A smaller home can appeal for many reasons, from more manageable utility bills to freeing up equity tied up in a home that’s larger than your needs.

It’s also a great excuse to Marie Kondo all that stuff that’s overflowing in every available storage space. You can even downsize while keeping the same amount of bedrooms on a smaller, smarter footprint, leaving room for guests.

Whatever your reasons, we’ve got 10 top tips to help you smooth over the move.

It’s a big deal. You’re allowed to feel it

Even if you’ve been planning to downsize for years and you’re now ready to roll, it’s still going to take an emotional toll when you start to pack up your life. Homes hold so many treasured memories, and there will be lots of little things that will get to you. Be prepared for that, and sit in the sadness when you need to.

Keep sight of your goals

Even as you go gently on yourself, it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize. Remember your goals. Get excited about where you’re going. That can be as simple as sticking a photo of your dream downsizer on the fridge during the move-out phase.

Start early, start small

No matter how organised you think you are, the reality is you’re going to be astonished by the clutter crammed into every nook and cranny. Get clearing as soon as you can. You don’t even need to tackle a room at a time. Start early enough, and you can clear a closet. But the more you leave things to the last minute, the more likely you are to panic and throw out things you probably would have preferred to keep.

Sort it out

Start with a simple system. Make a pile of definite keepers, possibly maybes, and no ways. The first and last are self-explanatory. The possibly maybes need a bit more time, perhaps overnight. But if you haven’t touched them in over a year, you know in your heart it’s time to let them go.

Hold your nerve

Honestly, don’t keep too much. Decluttering leaves you feeling lighter in so many ways. Do you really need three whisks in one kitchen? The answer is no – duplicates definitely need to go the way of the dodo when downsizing.

Do what you can yourself and cash in

Remember, removal van hire with or without removalists costs a lot of money. So to do hired skips. Consider minimising your reliance by shuttling smaller stuff to your new downsize home or the garbage tip in your car. Make use of free community websites to advertise stuff you no longer have use, cashing them in to help fund the move while clearing space. The definitely maybes from the previous tip are most likely to make you some money.

Heirlooms don’t have to wait

If you’re downsizing because the kids have grown up now, chances are you’re hoarding family treasures to pass on once you’re gone. But why wait? If they’re gathering dust in a cabinet, cupboard or attic space, and if your adult children genuinely love them, why not hand them over now? You’ll still be able to see them when you visit family.

Be realistic

If your downsizer doesn’t have a study, rumpus room or garage, then focus on clearing these areas altogether. Keep in your mind all the reasons why you no longer need these spaces. Does the size of your existing furniture make sense in the new space? If not, donate, sell or skip. It’s exciting choosing new pieces for your downsizer.

Build it bit by bit

Starting the moving out process as soon as possible makes sense. The same applies to the move in. If you have access to your downsizer early, you can assemble the new look as you go. See what works and what doesn’t. It will help you make the tougher calls.

Do it together

If you get friends and family to help out, entertaining as you go, then the very act of moving from one treasured home to another takes on a festival feel. Say goodbye over food and drinks at the old place and, most importantly, hello to your dream Metricon downsizer together.