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The hottest staircase design trends in Australia


The staircases of many 2000's era Australian family homes will tell you that homeowners haven't always explored the many design options or materials available to them when it comes to stairs. More often than not, they'd opt for pure practicality rather than making any interior design statement.

Fast forward to 2020, and compromise is no longer a thing. Recognising that staircases can make an incredible impact on a living room, from both from a functional and design perspective, Australian homeowners and interior designers alike are embracing variety and creativity.

By putting more consideration into modern staircase shapes, styles, cabinetry and positioning, stairs have gone from zero to hero as a central design element of Metricon's double-storey homes.

Location, location

When it comes to the latest staircase design ideas, Metricon senior design manager Ricky D'Alesio says people are thinking more about the location of the stairs in a modern home. It means more experimentation with how the stairs are visible from different vantage points. "A stair to me is a bit like a good piece of artwork — you put it on a wall where everyone can see it," he says. "Stairs are becoming more than just a transition zone that facilitates access between floors. They are an art piece in a home."

Stairway to heaven

Once you've found the right spot for your staircase, the next step is choosing a design. And these days, people are going all out. "We are seeing people spending more money on these staircases and showcasing them as a major focal point of the home," D'Alesio says. As any well-designed home will repeat design elements throughout the rooms and home decor, these days, the staircase is also included in that process. "A French provincial home will create wow-factor with an opulent, grand stair design with decorative balustrades of rich timbers or wrought iron, while a modern interior will embrace a minimalist approach to styling, like clean lines and Scandinavian design detail."

Modern materials

Timber, glass and metal are still the main components that make a stair, but these materials are used very differently in designs today. According to D'Alesio, we push the boundary further today, going beyond the traditional carpet-covered fibreboard steps. "There has been a strong trend in creating a transparency effect, such as open timber stair treads or clear glass balustrades, which helps open up the area and gives a greater sense of space to the home design," he says. "These floating staircases take on a more organic look and feel and are the key feature in the home.

Anatomy of a staircase

Key terminology when it comes to staircases and contemporary design

Balustrade: The side railing of your stairs, forming an ornamental parapet.

Handrail: A beam running along the side of a staircase to provide safety for users.

Tread: The part of the step that you put your foot on.

Riser: The vertical piece between each tread on the stair — these days they're often optional!

Winders: Angled steps that wrap around corners or bends in a staircase.

Straight staircase: A single flight of stairs with a clear view from top to bottom, creating a dynamic first impression when located in the entry hallway.

L-shaped: A staircase consisting of two flights with a landing or winders between them. The second flight of stairs turns 90 degrees, creating an L-shape. This type of staircase design is known for its striking presence and effective use of space.

U-shaped: Also consisting of two flights, this staircase takes a 180-degree turn at the landing or winders, creating a U-shape when you view it on floor plans. This design is hugely popular for smaller spaces.

Now that you're full-bottle on staircase design, it's time to discover our great range of double-storey new home designs and our entryway gallery, where you can see more of the beautiful staircases included in our home designs.

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