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Bringing a DualOcc investment dream to life in Bentleigh


After cutting their teeth on several small-scale property developments, Keyur and his wife Beejal, two busy IT professionals, were by no means property development experts, but that didn’t stop them from dreaming big and seeking new challenges.

While their aspirations were alive and well, the couple were in the dark about DualOcc developments (building more than one home on a single block) and what was involved in bringing a project of this nature to fruition. Their lightbulb moment came after Keyur attended a Metricon webinar.

“I came to the webinar with an open mind and was inspired by the way they told the story through real customers’ eyes, breaking down the DualOcc journey into steps that were easy to get your head around. It didn’t take long for us to see what a game-changer building two units on one block could be.” Keyur

“Let’s go!” was the motto behind Keyur’s initial approach to the project. Despite his infectious enthusiasm, though, he knew they needed to partner with a trusted voice in the form of someone who could hold their hand throughout the entire journey, from land acquisition to finished product.

“There’s a steep learning curve with a project like this, and it’s like peeling an onion with something new revealed every time. The good news is that we never felt alone; the team at Metricon, from the first sales consultant to the onsite manager, were a constant source of truth and wealth of information, guiding us through every step of the journey. The transparency of our relationship meant that we always knew where we stood, what we could expect and what milestones were coming up next.”

Even before signing on the dotted line with Metricon, their consultant went above and beyond to offer advice (and an honest appraisal) on the land Keyur and Beejal were planning to buy. The advice they received gave them the confidence to proceed and helped set the project up for success.

So, with their block of land sorted (they bought an old home and demolished), Keyur and Beejal went through multiple floor plans before deciding on the Grange home designs to tick their investment boxes and maximise every square metre of the land they had purchased.

“We wanted to strike a balance between functional benefits and creature comforts and found a smart solution in plans that offered a master bedroom, home office, multiple living zones and more without making the house feel cramped.” Keyur

Listen to Keyur speak about their build journey.

With the foundations of their DualOcc project in place, it was then time to embrace the Studio M experience to select fixtures and finishes. And while Keyur and Beejal certainly had their ideas, it didn’t take them long to realise what the Studio M team could deliver.

“My wife and I had plenty of ideas on what we wanted to see inside and out, but Studio M is Metricon’s secret weapon – rather than just talk about ideas, you get to immerse yourself in all the fixtures, fittings and colours and also visualise the end product right there. My wife and I were blown away by the whole experience. The team also kept our future investment aspirations in mind, which was to get a solid return when it came time to sell.”

When it came to the build itself (a process Keyur and his family were keen to experience firsthand), the unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 pandemic set in, drastically restricting their access to the site. Despite this challenge, their Metricon site manager made them feel assured every step of the way.

“Lockdowns made it close to impossible to visit the site and we became dependent on the site manager to keep us in the loop. He was amazing, sharing regular photos and assuring us with the information we needed to hear. I can’t say enough good things about the work he did and the way he kept us informed during that difficult time.”

Six months later, Keyur and his family were ready for the big day when they could step through the door for the first time. With nerves and expectations high, first impressions left the family not just emotional but “speechless”.

With one of the homes already sold, the other to be rented and a healthy profit in the bank, Keyur and his family are ready to tackle their next DualOcc build, a project they look forward to partnering with Metricon on.

“My biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to begin their DualOcc journey is to engage your sales consultant right at the start. Be open, honest and transparent, ask a lot of questions and tell them your personal situation. Listen to their advice and have faith in the Metricon team because they know what they’re doing and have the right systems in place. It goes without saying that I’d build with them again.”

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