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Building a dual occupancy home FAQs


DualOcc by Metricon builds dual occupancy dwellings, which means multiple homes on a single block of land. Depending on your block of land, you could build two or more homes, which could be side-by-side, front and back or any other layout that suits your block. As house prices continue to soar across Australia, dual occupancy is becoming an increasingly popular option.

If you're interested in a dual occupancy project in Australia but don't know where to start, then DualOcc by Metricon is for you. You'll work closely alongside a team that specialises in dual occupancy developments and can answer all questions you might have about the process and procedures.

For anyone new to the world of dual occupancy (or anyone hoping to become a real estate tycoon), let's look at some DualOcc frequently asked questions.

Why do people build dual occupancy home designs?

  • Investors can turn a single block into multiple new dwellings and increase their portfolio by more than one home at a time.
  • Families who love their suburb but can no longer afford to live there can stay thanks to combining KnockDown ReBuild with DualOcc. They'll build a dual occupancy and live in one while earning rental income or selling the other.
  • Downsizers can subdivide their block and create a secondary dwelling, so there's less home to maintain and potentially add money to their retirement fund.
  • Even first home buyers are beginning to look at DualOcc for a new home – particularly those partnering with family members on the build.

How do I choose a home design?

When you're building a dual occupancy, it's crucial that you don't become too fixated on a single design. Doing so can bring the wheels off a development early, especially if the expectation is: "I must have a duplex". Why? Council approvals.

Each local council has their own set of guidelines and zoning regulations, and what is possible in one LGA might not be in the next. Don’t stress too much about this though – just remember that if you want to be successful, you need to be flexible. Have confidence that our expert team will work on an outcome that will work for both you and your local council.

While you can still browse our website and visit our open homes, we suggest not getting too obsessed with a particular floorplan early on. With DualOcc, there are a few boxes to tick before you get to sit down with the DualOcc team and choose your home design. However, be at ease knowing that when you get the strategy right first, the home design is less likely to fail. You’ll still end up with a fantastic dual occupancy property.

How long does a dual occupancy home take to build?

On average, it takes about 18 to 24 months for your average two-unit development. There's a considerable amount of time spent in the pre-construction phase – including planning and working with councils. All councils require the endorsement of plans, and some councils take longer than others to approve. We're lucky enough to have strong relationships with town planners across Australia. We know what they're looking for, so often, we'll be able to complete your build faster than an inexperienced home builder.

How involved do I need to be in the process?

You can have as little involvement or as much involvement as you like. We've helped customers who live interstate or offshore that we've never met in person, looking to build a new investment property. If you want minimal involvement, there might be a couple of phone calls where you talk to us about the design basics, the block dimensions, your goals, and how much you want to spend. Then, we get to work and start planning your separate dwellings.

There are also budding property development professionals whom we'll talk to every second day about their new home, which we love. Customers who want to be hands-on can choose their fixtures and fittings, colour schemes, appliances and more, and visit the site to see that everything is going well!

How much does it cost to build a dual occupancy home?

As each DualOcc project is different, it's challenging to provide an accurate figure. We can say that with our process, you'll know the cost to build before going to town planning.

We'll draw up a preliminary contract covering your demolition costs, your town planning costs, and any hidden costs you might not be aware of. This is a crucial point of difference when building with Metricon and will be a source of comfort throughout the build.

If you have more questions about DualOcc by Metricon, get in touch with us today. We'll get you in touch with a dual occupancy specialist who can answer any query you might have.

Alternatively, homeowners can learn more about DualOCc by Metricon here. You'll also be able to organise a free site appraisal to see the feasibility of dual occupancy on your lot of land.

Metricon builds DualOcc developments in Melbourne, Regional Victoria, Sydney, Regional NSW, South Australia and Queensland.