Metricon’s Lookbook provides a collection of unique interior styles, providing inspiration and tips on how they can be re-created in any home. We are now excited to introduce ‘Maison de Provence’ to our collection. This opulent scheme is inspired by the grandeur of Parisian flair, epitomised by soft colours and bold accessories.

Beautifully styled at Metricon’s La Pyrenee Show home in Balwyn, Victoria, Maison de Provence is perfectly suited to those who enjoy luxurious fittings and high end style. Our interactive online Lookbook features hints and tips for how this theme can be brought to life.

What are the key features of the Maison de Provence theme?

  • Soft tranquil colours and marble finishes
  • Bold furniture items
  • Decorative mouldings, bronze detailing and velvet detail
How this look can be achieved in your home
Derived from the grandeur of Parisian flair, the Maison de Provence Lookbook theme can be achieved from the beginning with a soft colour palette of whites and duck egg blue. Bold contrasting colours and patterns are then introduced in floor rugs and cushions, while gold accents are seen through finer detailing in lighting and fixtures. The key to bringing this opulent theme to life is pairing traditional features with modern luxe.

The Maison de Provence Lookbook theme along with Metricon’s other interior styles are designed to help redecorators and prospective new home owners explore and recreate new styles. For further details on how this theme can be recreated in your very own home, explore Maison de Provence on Metricon’s online Lookbook today.
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