If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest over the last few months, you’ve no doubt been inspired by countless images of beautifully wrapped presents adorned with what seems to be this season’s festive colour code. This year’s minimalist inspired palette is all about organic, Australiana-glamour, and brings together rustic elements, native flora and subtle metallic accents for a look that is both understated yet elegant, rustic yet refined.  


The best thing about this minimalist-inspired wrapping style is that you can mix and match metallics and neutral elements to create interest and embellishment, using natural foliage as a common thread that ties everything together.
If you want to wrap presents like a pro, here's our guide to this season's coolest festive wrapping looks. 


Wrapping paper

Opt for block backer in neutral colours such as brown, silver or white. Patterns can also work as long as they’re in keeping with the overall palate. We opted to add in a subtle foliage-inspired print to complement the look’s natural appeal.

Ribbon and twine

Look for brown twine, natural hessian and burlap ribbons in varying widths and patterns. This will help give your wrapping that touch of rustic elegance.

Metallic or glitter tape

Add a sense of understated glamour with metallic or glitter tape.


Forage outside for gum leaves, mistletoe, fir twigs, silver sage or other native greenery. These can be used as decorative gift toppers and will give each present a sense of uniqueness and natural beauty.

Other accessories

Pine cones or silver bells in varying sizes also work well to finish off the look and bring everything together with a contemporary festive flair. And, of course, scissors, gift tags, single or double-sided adhesive tape  - or a hot glue gun if you want to get fancy - and all the other gift wrapping regulars will still come in handy. 



Now that you've got all the gear, it's time to put it together. One of the best things about this wrapping style is that you don't have to be too prescriptive about it. As long as you have a common element (in this case, the natural foliage) to tie it all together and give it a consistent overall feel, you can play around with different paper colours and ribbon combinations, and mix and match accessories to ensure each gift is unique and special as the person for whom it was purchased.

Gift wrapping is all about the base. Start with plain paper and add layers from there. 
Choose a ribbon. The width of your ribbon depends on the size of the gift being wrapped. Use a wider ribbon for a more dramatic look or, if you want to keep it subtle, use string but loop it around the gift three or four times to create impact. 
Once you've chosen your ribbon, it's time to accessorise. Dress it up with green elements and metallic accents, or mix and match string and ribbon to create a more rustic look. 
Keep things simple with this classic combination of gum leaves and twine.

Add mini pine cones to give the gift a more refined appeal. 

For something with a little more visual impact, metallic accents will add a touch of understated luxe.


If you're looking for some more mix-and-match gift-spiration, here are a few ideas to get you started.


We get it, covering an object with paper isn't exactly rocket science. But there is something about this simple task that sends our type-A brains into overdrive. Here are a few tips and tricks from the professionals that will help you have your gift wrapping in the bag this festive season. 

  1. Put oddly-shaped items into a box. This will give you a consistent shape to work with and saves you from having any weird edges. 
  2. Use double-sided sticky tape so that you have a clean, seamless finish and smooth surfaces. 
  3. Use a hot glue gun to attach bulkier items, such as pine cones or silver bells. 
  4. Make sure you use the right sized piece of paper. Paper should cover the gift without having too much overhang on the sides so that there is no extra bulk. 
  5. Fold roughly cut paper edges to achieve smooth, straight lines, or use a guillotine to achieve maximum straightness.
  6. Use colourful or patterned washi tape to add interest or give the gifts a more modern edge. 
  7. Invest in a stamp kit from your local department or variety store for a handmade touch. 
  8. Reduce waste by using paper scraps to create belli-bands that can be wrapped around the gift's belly to create a two-tone effect or embellishment. 

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