In a day and age where we have cars that drive themselves, 3D printing and virtual doctors, technologic advancements are not only changing the way we live, but also the way we behave.
Australia’s biggest home builder, Metricon has taken an innovative leap and is challenging the way we’ve always experienced display homes. In an industry first the Metricon Virtual Experience was launched in the Wonthaggi Display Centre and has since been rolled out into sales kiosks and events around the country.
The virtual reality technology enables potential home buyers to experience a number of the most popular Metricon home designs by simply putting on a comfortable headset seeing crystal clear images and precise details bringing the display homes to life – no matter where they are.

The Metricon Virtual Reality Experience has received extensive media coverage from Channel Seven’s Sunrise show in late 2015 to a feature on Sky News in February 2016.
This week Kelly Millar, Metricon National Marketing Services Manager, was interviewed by Angela Cox from Channel 7’s future focused TV program Beyond 2020, and demonstrates how Virtual Reality technology has been applied to the Metricon new home build journey and what customers can experience.

“Metricon is known industry wide for its innovations and customer experience, we’re delighted to be the first building company to provide this experience for potential customers,” said Kelly.
“We know buying a house is the most emotional and challenging decisions people make, and we know this technology helps with the decision making process and allows Australians to literally visualise themselves in a new Metricon home.
We were thrilled to be featured on Beyond 2020, amongst other technologies pushing the boundaries and defining the future”
Watch the segment here.
What’s next for the future of homes, stay tuned.