The outdoor areas of your home are an important part to get right but many times people get stuck for ideas and inspiration on how to make this area look amazing. It is also true that many people leave the outdoor space to the last moment and don't take the full opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor room that can be used all year round.

Many of our great home designs include an outdoor room and it is something that many prospective home owners are beginning to realise is a great investment for both their home and their family. The great thing is that an outdoor room can now be furnished in much the same way as the other rooms of your home thanks to advances in all-weather materials, furnishings and accessories. This allows outdoor rooms to be an extension of your existing living spaces.

"Outdoor Rooms have become very popular these days. Australians love the outdoors and the outdoor space needs to adapt to people's lifestyle."

In our latest LookBook video, Metricon's Senior Residential Home Designer Ricky D'Alessio and Chris Carroll from The Life Creative blog discuss the increasing popularity of an outdoor room and provide some tips and ideas on how to blur the lines between the interior and exterior spaces of your home and how to incorporate items like ceiling fans, screens and feature wall lighting.

Of course when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor room for your family you need to really consider your family's lifestyle and how you imagine your family will use the space. If you are a large family for example, then you may want to create a large dining area and possibly include a swimming pool or even a large outdoor BBQ or cooking area.


As Metricon's Senior Interior Designer Jacinta Evans says, "the whole concept of outdoor cooking has grown far beyond a backyard barbecue. Homeowners are hungry for fully-appointed kitchens with features that add convenience and luxury. They also help to keep an outdoor space organised and reduce trips back and forth into the house."

If you don't have a large family or the children are all grown up then you may prefer to create an outdoor room that is more of a retreat - with a relaxing spa or even a warm fireplace. After all, there is nothing more inviting than to curl up and get cosy for the night in front of a fireplace. When you introduce a fireplace to your outdoor room then you really do open that space up to all year round use.

Your outdoor room will also benefit from the addition of decorative items such as cushions, pillows and throw blankets. Each of these elements help to make the outdoor room comfortable and inviting. However, before adding these finishing touches it is important to choose outdoor furniture carefully and ensure that it will survive the great outdoors, "You really want to invest in a decent sofa and outdoor table that's going to stand the weather," says Jacinta.


As you can see an outdoor room is a great choice for the modern Australian lifestyle. If you want some further tips and inspiration for your outdoor room then please check out the fantastic images in our Gallery and make sure you sign up to our newsletters and follow us on our social media channels, such as Instagram, to be kept up to date with the very latest in design trends for your home.