Contemporary design is constantly evolving so attempting to introduce it as a style in your home can be a daunting process. However, the latest LookBook theme to be launched this year makes introducing a contemporary mix of geometric patterns, bright colours and monochromatic tones in to your home as easy as possible.

Graphix is the latest of the 12 different design themes to be created by our very own team of expert interior designers. Through LookBook they share their hints and tips on how to recreate some of the stylish interior trends that are found in our display homes across the country.


If you love the idea of mixing contemporary design with bright pops of colour, Graphix is sure to be the theme for you. A striking mix of geometric shapes and bold patterns and textures are paired with simple shades of off-whites and charcoal greys to create an idyllic mix of classic contemporary design. This clean look delivers the elusive balance between classic simplicity and vibrancy and fun.

As is the case with other contemporary styles it is the base colours that you use that set the tone of the home that provide a perfect foundation for introducing pops of colour, such as a vibrant red. The trick to pulling off this theme is all in the restraint. Keep the colour pallet minimal and focus on one or two main colours for the room while all the other tones in the room are kept minimal in soft monochromatic shades.


A key feature of this style is a focus on different textures and patterns. While colours are kept simple, the designers have layered up different textures and patterns in the homes. The great thing about Graphix is how adaptable it is – you can use classic pieces in neutral white and grey tones and introduce colours and patterns in features such as cushions, throw rugs, artwork and other smaller design elements.

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