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Choosing a design

Creating your dream home is no mean feat. There are three major areas to consider when choosing your home design – the land, the facade and the floorplan.

The land

Finding the perfect block can be tricky, so we’ve listed four things to consider when buying your land.


It’s vital that you feel safe in your home. Don’t get stuck on crime rates online – trust your instincts when visiting the suburb. It might be worth having a coffee in the local café and watching the world go by for a while to get a feel for the location.

Capital Growth

If you’re not building your ‘forever home’, you should consider resale value. A little bit of research on growth areas goes a long way, and you might be able to set yourself with a great investment.


Think about how important community is to you. Do you want to be around likeminded people at a similar stage in their life? You might want to pick an area where you know you have friends or can easily make new ones. Consider somewhere your kids can create bonds too.


Look for land in an area that offers you all that you need for your lifestyle – be it schools, cafes, retail, parkland or gyms. You want to make sure everything that’s important to you is within travel distance. Public transport and internet connectivity are other considerations to keep in mind.

The facade

These are the four main considerations when picking the perfect facade for your home.

Street appeal

Look at other homes in the neighbourhood to make sure your home fits in. You can even do this in the comfort of your home using Google Maps. Street appeal is an important consideration – especially if you know you’ll be selling the home one day as first impressions count.


Stick to classic facade colours – anything too 'out-there' will date, and you might have to repaint the exterior before you sell, which is costly.


Consider the longevity of the build materials and the time you must spend maintaining the exterior. Different climates can also lend themselves to certain materials for thermal efficiency – for example, you might not see the same cladding in Queensland as you will in Victoria.

Focal points

Focal points are an opportunity to play with different textures and colours. You can add pops of colour and tactile surfaces to make your home unique.

The floorplan

Metricon’s customisable floorplans make it easy to create the zones you need and love. Here are a few key questions to ask yourself when choosing a floorplan.

Choosing a floorplan that suits your needs

What are your favourite spaces?

Consider the spaces you love in your current home, such as your kitchen, private bathroom or quiet reading nook. Make these non-negotiable in your new home. Similarly, consider what spaces you miss – are you desperate for a home office or butler’s pantry? Now is the time to make it happen.

What does the future look like?

Think about what the future might hold. Children, aging family and even future pets are important to consider before you finalise the floorplan. It’s easier to ensure you have enough space now than trying to retrofit a home down the line.

How many bedrooms?

Choose flexible floorplans. A study today could be a bedroom in the future – or vice versa. Adaptable spaces help to future-proof a home. Renovations are a pain that you can avoid.

What is important in your life?

Consider what makes you happy. If you love to cook, a butler’s pantry is going to be a must. If you entertain a lot, an outdoor room could be your go-to recreational area. A home office will be critical if you work from home. Metricon builds homes in which you love where you live.

Can I see myself living here?

This is the most important question of all. If the answer is yes, then you’ve found the floorplan that is perfect for you - a home where you’ll love where you live.

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