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What is a Hamptons style home?


If you’re a fan of New York, or have seen the romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give, you are no doubt familiar with the iconic look of Hamptons style homes.

With weatherboards, white-framed windows, high ceilings, and a neutral colour palette, these elegant homes, originating from Long Island, New York, have inspired designers around the world and are popular with Australian home buyers today.

The Hamptons haven’t always been associated with glamour. Up until the 1900s, any new homes constructed in its string of seaside towns featured fairly utilitarian designs. Early home designs in the Hamptons served to combat harsh weather conditions, and with limited availability of materials, they had to be fuss-free and practical.

That all changed at the turn of the 20th century when wealthy New Yorkers started venturing out of the city in search of beachside holiday homes. It wasn’t long before towns like Southampton, East Hampton and Sag Harbour had become millionaire’s playgrounds — as they remain to this day.

These well-heeled new residents wanted house designs that embraced the traditional character of the area, but details became increasingly elaborate – favouring shingles, columns, the use of stone in facades, marble interiors, and large paned windows to capture seaside views. And so, the Hamptons style home was born.

Hamptons style in Australian homes

You may wonder how such iconic American styling could gain so much popularity among those living on the opposite side of the planet, here in Australia.

The answer, according to our design manager Ricky D’Alesio is in the relaxed, homely feel Hamptons style evokes.

“It’s one of those classic styles that will be prominent for many years because it resonates with the Australian lifestyle,” he says. “Though they may be derived from a US coastal concept, these homes really reflect how we live here.”

Adapting the home design to suit your Australian lifestyle

Of course, in the Australian landscape, not all features of Hamptons design will work in your new home. Sydney, NSW has a different vibe to Long Island, NY, after all.

Metricon designers, for example, recognised certain design elements would not appeal to an Australian home-builder.

“In the US, Hamptons-style beach houses often incorporate a lot of solid stonework, and there can be an over-opulent feel with the interiors. That doesn’t really work here,” warns D’Alesio.

“Instead, it’s about encapsulating an idea and making it our own, making sure the floorplan fits into the Australian lifestyle and adding lightness to the theme. Aussies often want a strong link to the outdoors, which we do with living spaces and living rooms that flow into outdoor spaces quite seamlessly.”

The objective is to take the flavour of the US design and create something distinctly Australian. A home that Aussie families will love.

Design elements of a Hamptons home

Suppose you want to build a classic Hamptons style home in Australia. In that case, D’Alesio says the key features to incorporate into your interior design are light and bright material palettes, feature panelling, cladding on walls, and high ceilings.

“The Hamptons look, in our opinion, is the ornateness, the elegance. It’s a sophisticated layer of detail that elevates the spaces,” he says.

“It’s the high pitched roof, the James Hardy linea boards, it’s the detail in the windows, and the round porthole window you see in tour Designer and Signature ranges. There’s a subtlety in the moulding, which is quite flat. There’s nothing over the top, and it’s very understated.”

With other US trends, like barn-style exteriors with steep roof pitches and glazed gables, starting to trickle into Australian dream home designs, it appears that the Hamptons vibe, country style and the American influence are here to stay.

To learn more about beautiful Hamptons style home design, check out our Lookbook, and Metricon’s own Hamptons-inspired Bayville display home. If you have any questions, be sure to enquire with the team.