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​Splashback ideas and trends for a modern kitchen


As the heart of all modern homes, you want to ensure your kitchen makes a statement. Gone are the days of unembellished kitchens bathed in white - it’s time to spice up your kitchen design with a beautiful splashback.

Sure, it’s easy enough to match your splashback to the colour of your kitchen benchtop, but where’s the fun in that? While functionality has a small part to play, consider your splashback a blank canvas where you can unleash your originality and make a statement in your new kitchen.

Here are some of our favourite splashback options to get your creative design juices flowing. You won't find stainless steel on this list.

Kitchen splashback ideas


If you’re looking to create a space that signifies opulence, then a marble splashback could be the key to achieving this look. The natural beauty of marble emanates a timeless and highly sophisticated European style that is bound to withstand the test of time.

While marble is a popular material for benchtops, using marble as a splashback will elevate your kitchen interior and offer depth and character to the room. Of course, overusing this material can ruin its appeal, so use with restraint throughout your kitchen.


Integrate greenery into your kitchen by installing a window splashback, also known as a clear glass splashback. Not only does this bathe your kitchen in natural light, but it also promotes a connection to the outdoors.

The use of windows in your home will also make the space feel larger. If you’re worried about the kitchen looking cramped, adding a window splashback will help to make it feel more open.

If the view out your kitchen window is less than appealing, place an art sculpture outside the window, or invest in a vertical garden to create a visual centrepiece.


The use of natural materials like stone in the home is becoming increasingly popular. Not only will they serve as a focal point in your kitchen, but they are incredibly hardy and can handle a battering from overly enthusiastic chefs.

Natural stone is available in a wide range of colours, each with a unique grain, so no two pieces are alike. Similar to marble, stone is unlikely to date and will withstand changing trends.

From sandstone in a coastal abode or slate in a contemporary home - regardless of your interior design theme, there is a stone splashback to complement your style.


Tile splashbacks continue to be a crowd favourite. When you combine the variety of tile colours, shapes and sizes with the selection of tiling patterns available, you have the ability to create something unique to you.

Whether you want a traditional brick-bond or prefer the look of a herringbone pattern, tiles are always an excellent option for splashbacks. Make sure you familiarise yourself with tile patterns before choosing the tile itself – rectangle tiles are quite versatile, while square has fewer options to play with.

They’re easy to maintain and often are a low-cost alternative to some of the more opulent options. Plus, if you want to keep up to date with the latest interior kitchen trends, revamping a tiled splashback is an easy DIY project.

Some of the most popular tile choices for splashbacks include:

  • Subway tiles
  • Fish scale
  • Hexagons
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Chevron

Patterned tiles

If you want to keep the colour palette of your home in a safe, neutral territory, then the use of pattern and texture is key to making a statement. Opt for tiles with pressed metal patterns, geometrics, or prominent textural detailing, or make an impact with the use of contrasting grout.

Patterned tiles allow you to showcase your personality - mix and match colours to your heart’s content to create something truly unique. Patterned tiles can also be bright and bold too with florals and statement prints trending in 2020.

Glass and mirrors

Like window splashbacks, glass and mirror splashbacks can give the illusion of a brighter and more spacious kitchen. Their reflective surfaces bounce more light around the room than matte surfaces, which beautifully diffuses the external light.

Glass and mirrors are also easy to clean with reduced grout lines and smoother surfaces. It's also easy to find cabinetry that matches glass splashbacks as they're available in many colours.

Our design specialists have plenty of knowledge about design ideas in Australia, so when you're building or designing a new home you can be confident we'll build you a stylish kitchen no matter was style home you're after. Whether you like that Scandinavian look, an industrial style of are just looking for white tiles, we can help.

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