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Revamp your kids' bedrooms


Rolling into 2020, it’s a new year and a great time to get creative on an adorable new look for your little (and not-so-little) ones’ bedrooms. Here at Metricon, we know how important it is that children have a creative space in which to grow big and brilliant. So to kick start your kids bedroom transformation, our interior designers have put together some inspired spaces for toddlers to teens and everyone in between.

Babies and toddlers

Wave the baby blues and bright pinks away. Today’s nursery designs embrace a more neutral palette of apricots, oranges, earth tones and pastels. And, the best thing about this new neutrality is its versatility - it won’t date.

A good tip is to keep the basics simple, so opt for cream walls, wood tones on the crib and chest of drawers, and light-coloured carpets. Then introduce pops of colour in wall-hangings, art, throws, toys and gorgeous baby clothes. Raffia and cane are popular on-trend nursery inclusions and can be incorporated in floor rugs, lighting and seating. Don’t forget to include a comfy seat for night-time feeds and bedtime stories.

Your bubba growing up used to require a major décor rethink and a costly renovation, but if you go back-to-basics with the main canvas then get creative with the details, you can easily reconfigure and adapt your nursery to fit the dream room of a tween.


As your little ones grow, you can swap out the cot for a single bed without having to switch up the paintwork and carpeting. Then the biggest must-add is a dinky desk chair so they can indulge their creative streak with daydream drawings and practice writing their alphabet. An adjustable chair (and perhaps standing desk too) will ensure the space can grow with them.

Adding more shelving will accommodate an increasing book and toy collection, though it's also a great idea to introduce the Marie Kondo streamlining concept early in life. Encouraging your kids to choose what they really want to keep, but also what they might be happy for another kid to enjoy via an op shop donation, is a great way to engage them in the sharing spirit.

We know real life is messier than any perfectly styled photoshoot, but you don't need to have heaps of storage on show. You can easily pick up storage boxes at Kmart or Target for your child’s collection of knickknacks and toys, and slide them under the bed or stack in the wardrobe. Open shelves in combination with boxes and toy baskets help keep the deluge of toys under control.

Switching out feature artworks and lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of a kids' bedroom without a pricey investment. Bed linen can then echo these details.

Tweens and teens

As they start to rival you in the height stakes, you can actively involve your kids in any bedroom refresh. By using dark or coloured tape, you can add a bit of pizazz to their poster selections – just make sure it won’t strip paint off the walls when it’s removed! If you’re feeling adventurous, create a dramatic look with diagonal, two-tone paint. Instagram-style motivational messages look fantastic on wall-hanging banners, encouraging young folk to follow their dreams.

It's a short step from this grown-up teen style with still-cute ornaments to a stripped-back style that favours throws and palm prints as they inch closer to flying the nest.

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