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DIY tips and home decor tricks to style a blank wall on a budget


"What do I do with a blank wall?". It's one of the most frequently asked questions an interior designer will hear. Understandably, a blank wall is an intimidating sight. Unlike a coffee table or an empty shelf, there are no clear answers.

However, all interior designers will tell you this – some of the most fun you can have is with an empty wall. An empty wall is a blank canvas. Whether it's in the living room, dining room, home office or entryway giving a bare wall a makeover is tonnes of fun.

You're probably thinking that you'll have to display art on your wall, and because art is expensive, decorating your wall will be too. That's not the case!

Styling blank walls do not have to break the bank - and you don't have to resort to using wall decals which have an early 2000s vibe. We recently teamed up with superstar interior design blogger Chris Carroll of TLC Interiors, and affordable home decor pro Chelsea Thomas of I Heart Bargains. They've come up with some clever DIY styling hacks for blank walls that are easy and affordable.

DIY plant wall

Chris and Chelsea explain just how easy this hack is. Start with two ladders, placing them side by side and up against a wall. Chris and Chelsea have opted for two of Kmart's Industrial ladder bookshelves – which not only look great but are affordable units too.

From there on, it is time to add the greenery. Opt for potted plants in all different shapes and sizes and scatter them across the different levelled shelves. Chris recommends a straightforward rule to stick by – ensure that your colour palette is consistent. Grey's, whites and green's work well together, so think black and white with a splash of greenery for your large blank wall.

If you don't have a green thumb and are worried that your new plant babies won't make it through the night, we've got you covered! You can find our Guide to the Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants here.

Add a mirror or three

This one is incredibly simple but will do wonders to the space. Mirrors are a fantastic option for walls, as they will make your room look more spacious and brighten it up by reflecting and bouncing more natural light.

There are plenty of different, affordable mirrors on the market. They come in many shapes and sizes too! Large mirrors, small mirrors, rectangle mirrors, round mirrors – some with hanging strips or ornate frames. Again, these are an affordable option, and simple to install too. All you have to now is DIY install a hook to hang the mirror on, and you're set.

You can also hang more than one – almost like a gallery wall of mirrors. Make them even or hang them offset – it's entirely up to you. Check Amazon for mirrors and other wall hangings.

Canvas art hack

Hack number two is all about getting crafty. Chris explains four simple steps for bringing together a simple DIY canvas wall piece using only three pieces of equipment – a staple gun, a canvas and a bit of fabric.

  1. Place your favourite piece of fabric face down on a flat surface.
  2. Place the canvas, also face down, on top of the fabric.
  3. Ensuring that there is 5cm give on each side, fold the fabric over the back of the canvas.
  4. Staple the fabric to the frame of the canvas using the staple gun, and trim if there's a lot of exces

And that's it! Your DIY canvas artwork is ready to hang on the wall.

There's plenty of cool fabric available for you to buy online, whether you shop at Spotlight, Etsy or your Lincraft. Alternatively, visit your local fabric store to see the pattern in person. Botanical prints are always good statement pieces, as long as they go with your colour palette and paint colour.

If all this seems like too much work, remember that not all artwork has to break the bank! Check out our Guide to Choosing the Right Art for your Home here. You'll learn how to choose wall art, create a gallery wall and the importance of focal points.

DIY shelving

Another option is to get out the drill and level and DIY a set of shelves. Don't freak out! It's easier than you think, and you'll feel very proud of yourself once they're up. A set of shelves from Ikea or Bunnings are super affordable and will allow you to add your splash of flair to the wall. You can display books, candles, indoor plants, vases, family photos, travel souvenirs or any of your favourite smaller pieces to make the wall enjoyable.

Adding shelving saves you from having to buy a bulky and expensive bookcase, and you can take the look even further by adding sconces to light them up.

Hat hook wall

The final styling hack, 'the hat hook wall' is presented by Chelsea. This wall decor idea, a personal favourite of Chelsea's, is simple, yet practical – with only a bunch of removable hooks and a stack of wide brims hats required.

The hat hook wall is the perfect solution for anyone who considers themselves a fashionista. It's an excuse to keep all your favourite millinery on display while covering up a blank space. The accent wall can be implemented on walls of any size, from large walls to small.

Keeping to the same colour palette, gather your hats and play around with different patterns on the blank wall. Once you've decided your placement, grab your removable 3M hooks and stick them on the wall. Chelsea suggests to randomly place the hooks around the wall rather than getting out the tape measure. Finally, hang your hats on each of the hooks, and this look is complete.

Watch as Chris and Chelsea share some of these clever DIY styling hacks

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