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Cadetship, customers and coronavirus: a very human journey

So often, when crisis hits, people come together. Metricon Pre-Site Manager Jemma has found value in reigniting connections with her friends, family and colleagues throughout the pandemic.

Jemma’s journey: a story of growth and customer care

It’s 2018. In the bustling streets of Melbourne’s CBD, Jemma ducks through the crowd towards the looming office-scape; an unnerving feeling in the pit of her stomach as she prepares for a job interview. She is momentarily distracted by her phone glowing with an unknown number. Ten minutes later, Jemma has a new spring in her step. She’s just been told she is one of four candidates accepted into the competitive Metricon Cadet Program. “When I got the call from Metricon, I wasn’t even told I was guaranteed a position, but I had a gut feeling. I ended up still attending my interview with the other company, but there was only one thing on my mind - Metricon. At the end of the interview, I told the recruiter, ‘Thank you so much but… this isn’t right for me.’ I just had a strong feeling that something good was going to happen with the Metricon cadetship, and I am so glad I took that chance, because it paid off!”

Taking the next step

Now, two and a half years since joining Metricon, Jemma is a Pre-Site Manager for the Inner Urban team at the Mount Waverley office. A natural go-getter, Jemma manages a large portfolio of customer jobs. She’s the first point of contact for operations, from making the initial connection with the client to project handover. Jemma’s background is in retail, and she clearly has a passion for exceptional customer service: “I used to work at Pandora prior to my cadetship. When customers would come into our store, I would always ask, ‘What’s the story behind your charm?’ I’ve transferred this mindset to my role at Metricon. The most exciting part about my job is meeting people from different walks of life. Some are buying their first home, others are passing one down to their children, and some are even renovating their fifth home! I love that customer service role. I want to show people that I care about their story.”

​Building homes from home: support and connection during COVID-19

Like many people around the world, Jemma has had a change of workplace in light of the pandemic – her office is currently her living room. “Working from home has been an interesting experiment. I’m grateful I was able to keep my job during this pandemic and to take my whole office and set it up at home. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, of course. I’m the eldest of four and currently living with my family, so it can get pretty hectic here. We’ve got a chicken coop in our backyard - which makes for amusing conversations with customers.” Jemma says she feels well supported during these challenging times: “Metricon was quick to act on the situation as it developed. Throughout COVID-19, they’ve always kept us in the loop about changes in the company; my manager constantly reaches out to check in. It’s a big company and while people may assume we’d just be another number, that certainly isn’t the case.”

As we talk through the challenges of coronavirus, the energy in our conversation shifts slightly, and there’s an undertone of sadness in Jemma’s voice.

I’m doing okay, but it does feel like there’s no end in sight. It scares me because you don’t know what’s going to come. When we had the break between the stage one and stage two lockdowns, I was so thankful to be able to visit my grandfather who had just gone through two major operations. I also didn’t realise how much I missed hugs. Going through isolation has been a challenge, but it has also taught me the value of not taking things for granted. I used to think, ‘I can’t be bothered going out this weekend, I’ll go another time.’ Now, I would love to spend even just five minutes with my friends.

Kicking goals

Jemma is confident she can continue achieving great things in trying circumstances. “I’m trying to stay positive and not let the situation get me down – and Metricon has really supported me. I’ve got a great team and I’m really close with my colleagues. We have weekly video meetings to maintain that connection. Some will put up their animals or children in front of the camera. It’s a nice little break every once in a while.” As our conversation draws to a close, Jemma shows once again, her lively nature and positive outlook: “Coronavirus may have forced us into isolation but it hasn’t stopped us from re-establishing relationships with people. The importance of human connection has never been clearer.” Thank you, Jemma, for all that you bring.

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