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Our Design Philosophy

It's simple. It's fresh. It celebrates the Australian lifestyle, each and every day.

Our Design Philosophy

The Metricon Design Story

The Metricon story began in 1976 with a very simple design philosophy: to not just build houses, but to design stunning homes where you’d love to live, homes that celebrate Australian family life in all its wonderful variety. This simple idea was the guiding principle that drove our company founders to establish Metricon and it’s still the cornerstone of our design philosophy today.

Our homes cover all budgets and all styles of living, but they’re all linked by a common theme: bright, light-filled spaces, great, practical liveability, and stylish contemporary appeal.

Adrian Popple, Metricon Design Director

Great design at an affordable price

We understand that as you are planning your new home, you’re looking for an innovative yet practical home design for your family’s needs and aspirations, and we understand that these needs can be complex and evolving.

That’s why we design homes that grow and evolve with your family as the years go by. 

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Zoned living environments

Our design philosophy embraces a passion for aesthetic harmony and practical flexibility throughout interior spaces while working with the design elements of the exterior of the home.

That’s why each of our 147+ new home designs feature zoned living environments that allow for both privacy and interaction.

Close off areas for individual privacy, or open everything up when it’s time to entertain family and friends. The choice is yours. 

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Innovation. Evolution. Refinement.

In the long run, our design philosophy is all about evolution. We continually refine, evolve, diversify and improve our home designs through constant research and development. That’s what truly sets us apart from our competitors: our almost obsessive passion for continual improvement and innovation. 

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We design homes that are adaptable, flexible and work with your lifestyle. Homes that truly answer the needs of the modern family.

Adrian Popple, Metricon Design Director

The five building blocks of
our design philosophy

1. Beauty is at the heart of it all

    “It’s not just four walls, it’s a creation.”

Metricon is synonymous with excellence and beauty in contemporary home design. We build beautifully designed homes without the architect-designed price.

Our homes are designed so that when you walk into a Metricon home, you can’t help but be impressed by the sleek modern design and wide-open, light-filled spaces.

2. We are masters of space

“The openness and flow of the rooms makes the whole space seem endless.”

When you first walk into a Metricon home what strikes you is the sense of space and openness. As you walk through the home you’ll appreciate the thinking behind the spacious design layout and how it fits so perfectly with the Australian lifestyle. For example, you’ll see how easy it is to open up your kitchen and main living space to the outdoor alfresco dining area – great for summertime dining.

3. Living the dream

    “You really can have it all.”

We’ve known for decades that owning your own home is the great Australian dream. But we also understand that you want more than that and that’s why we constantly create new luxurious designs that are not only stunning examples of contemporary home designs but at an affordable price within your reach. Metricon homes are really the ultimate achievable dream.

4. It’s all about you

    “Your home is a reflection of you.”

Metricon puts you at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s designing around the way you like to live or tailoring a home to suit your individual taste and style, we put you first.

5. It’s your lifestyle

    “A Metricon home is more than a house, it’s a lifestyle.”

Your Metricon home is not just a beautifully designed contemporary home – it’s what you get out of it and how you live in it day to day. It’s about you and your family’s daily life. Every day.

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