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Knockdown Rebuild

Love your address but not your home? We have the answer.

Knock Down Rebuild

Why knock down and rebuild?

Do you dream of living in a new, modern home with plenty of customised finishes? Whether you're looking to knock down and rebuild your old home, or have purchased a property to redevelop, we can help! Metricon is Australia's leading home builder and expert in Knockdown Rebuild (KDRB). Our vast experience, innovative home designs and construction expertise have made us a leader in the knock down rebuild field.

The benefits of rebuilding over renovating

Imagine a new home, built exactly the way you want it, designed to suit your lifestyle needs and customised to match your individual taste. Now imagine that home in place of the old home you live in now. We can make this dream a reality without the hassle of renovating.
Renovations can cost as much as building new and still leave you with an old home. Building a new home gives you the home you want, exactly how you want it.
We have over 100 home designs to suit almost every lifestyle requirement. No need to compromise on layout, interior finishes or fixtures. You get the perfect new home to fit your lifestyle. 

Our home designs

Our promise to you

We make th​e process of building your dream home simple

  • Our dedicated team of Knockdown Rebuild experts will support you through the knock down rebuild process from start to finish

  • We assist you in choosing from our award winning home designs including a selection of designs specifically designed for knock down rebuild projects.

  • We provide a lifetime structural guarantee# on your build, which means you can be assured your home will be in good hands. 

#For more information on our Lifetime Structural Guarantee, visit

The Metricon Difference

Our experience
We have a strong track record with over 37 years’ experience in the building industry. As specialists in the knock down rebuild sector, we're with you every step of the way with skilled support, ongoing guidance and expertise in the KDRB process.

Our specialist Knockdown Rebuild team
Our dedicated KDRB team have first-class experience and in depth knowledge of the process. They’re with you through the entire build and will keep you fully informed on the progress of your project.

Demolition partners
We’ll help you organise the demolition of your home and will recommend a demolition partner to ensure you feel confident during the knock down phase of your project.

GeoSite – A 3D view of your home
View a 3D rendered image of your home with our exclusive GeoSite Tool. View your exact plot of land and position your new home to take advantage of considerations such as seasonal sunlight or views.

Studio M design and finishing selection centre

Choosing your colours and fixtures is the fun part of the process!

Our Studio M is a state-of-the-art selection centre designed to make customising your home easy and enjoyable.

Find out more

Our home designs

We have over 100 home designs to suit almost every lifestyle requirement.

Find your home

Knockdown Rebuild FAQs

Have some questions about taking on a Knockdown Rebuild project? Find the answers here.

View FAQs

What Others Say

It is our intention to move on and construct another home in the next 3-5 years and we will certainly choose Metricon again.


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Sydney Knockdown Rebuild

Building a new home from the ground up enables you to capitalise on your great location. It also allows you to make your home exactly as you want it, both inside and out. At Metricon, our innovative interiors and exteriors showcase why thousands of Australian families have chosen us over the past 40 years to build their dream home.

Our Studio M Selection Centre provides an opportunity to see that innovation close up, and experience our inspirational range of materials, finishes and fit-outs. Visit Studio M and picture your dream home coming together.

The details of Studio M are:
Metricon Homes
32 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153
(02) 8887 9000

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