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What is a ‘demolition’?

A demolition is the removal of existing structures from your home site such as an established home, garden, sheds and pathways.

Who is responsible for the demolition?

The owner of the property is responsible for the demolition. A permit to demolish is required from your local council or shire and can be organised through your demolition contractor. This permit can be applied for before the building permit is issued, but we do not recommend proceeding with the demolition of your home until we have received approval for your building permit.

Will Metricon demolish my old home?

We don't provide demolition services but we do work closely with local demolition partners to ensure a quality level of service. We can recommend a reputable demotion specialist to remove your home. 

What are demolition costs and why may they vary?

The costs of demolition are dependent upon your property's variables such as proximity of neighbouring homes, established trees and location of electricity poles. 

What is abolishment of services?

All service connections to the property such as electricity, gas and telephone must be removed from the site by the associated authorities within 30 days of application for demolition. 

What is a soil test and feature survey?

Metricon will undertake a soil test and feature survey to help gauge the soil and design the right foundations. The feature survey is a scale drawing of your home site showing the fall of the land, service connection points, easements and any pre-existing features. Once the demolition is complete, a second soil test and feature survey will be performed to check the site conditions and to finalise the cost.

What is a re-establishment survey?

Metricon will arrange for a licensed surveyor to undertake a re-establishment survey to identify the right boundaries of your land prior to commencement of construction. 

What is double handling?

Double handling occurs when site access restrictions require delivered building materials to be handled more than once, such as the hand carting of materials around the site or manual site cleans.

Why would I need crane hire?

If your home is situated too close to neighbouring homes or land, a crane may be required to move building materials, work around trees on site, or if you are building a double-storey home.

What kind of traffic management will I need?

Depending on your location, traffic management may be required during certain stages of the construction. Traffic management includes traffic redirection and controlling traffic flow when necessary.

Why do I need asset protection?

As the owner, you will need to get an asset protection permit from your local council before commencing works. Asset protection provides you with cover for any damage done to council assets by your demolition or construction.

What is an underground power pit?

Safety necessities require the construction and use of underground power connections. When the power authority runs its main power connection underground it is called a power pit.

What are the major benefits of knocking down my house and rebuilding on the same site?

The benefits of a knock down rebuild project include:

  • Staying in the area you love living in. No disruption to schooling or family lifestyle
  • A knockdown rebuild project can actually cost less than extensive renovations and/or extensions. Why not get a new home for less than the cost of renovating your old one
  • Your new home is a capital investment in your property – this means you have added equity in your home – opening up a whole range of options for you
  • Savings on stamp duty, agent fees, renovating costs, moving costs and more
  • With property prices going up all the time, rebuilding may actually be more cost effective than buying a new property.

Why choose Metricon for my knock down rebuild?

We have the experience and expertise in knock down rebuild projects to make your journey easy and carefree. Our dedicated knock down rebuild team are extremely knowledgeable and know all there is to know about knocking down your old home and rebuilding a new one. We'll support you from start to finish. You're in good hands with Metricon!

How does Metricon help me knock down rebuild?

Our specialist knock down rebuild team are leaders in their field. We will assess your building requirements and will advise you as to which Metricon home design will work on your particular block. While we don't do demolition ourselves, we can recommend a reputable demolition specialist to work with you.

What are the major costs of a knock down rebuild?

Speak with a Metricon Knock Down Rebuild consultant to get an estimate for what the build costs might be for your project. These costs include site works, landscaping, town planning, demolition process and actual building costs. Contact a Metricon consultant today on 1300 METRICON. 

What information do you need from me?

To start the knock down rebuild process we suggest you do the following:

  • Provide us with an accurate and full copy of title to your land
  • Let us know of any preliminary ideas you may have on our home designs
  • Allocate some time to view our display homes
  • Visit StudioM – Metricon’s state-of-the-art selection centre to start choosing colours and surface finishes.

Where do I start?

Visit our display homes to start looking at floor plans and new home designs suitable for your knock down rebuild project.

What is ResCode?

ResCode refers to standards set for the construction of new dwellings, alterations and extensions to existing dwellings in Victoria only.

These ResCode standards include:

  • street setback
  • building height
  • site coverage
  • parking provision
  • side and rear setbacks
  • walls on boundaries
  • overshadowing and overlooking
  • private open space.

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